Ukraine Week #32 Gorlovka

Obvious crazy keyboard for Chase this week!  I will start embedding his audio files each week in his posts:

thanks for the up date! i amon aCRAP!!!!!!!! keyboard! so sorry about thisone.
I really have been thinking about you allthis week! thanks forthepics!!! the ones of dev areGREAT! ilove you devy! but i hope you like this voice stuff! tellme what you thinkandwhat you would like to hear lol! i am having a lot of fun with it. sorry about the video that did not send!!!! iforgot my cam today so…..yes.
lifeis amazingrightnow!!!!! i love my mission andthere is nowhere i would rather be! everyday just walking down thestreet i just feelgood. thats it.
the church is true. its why we aree here. dont let it be your side story.
Love elderlamberto!!!!!!!!!!!!
psplease save all these vioce files in a nice file!! :D