July, 2012

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Ukraine Week #29 Gorlovka Week #1

Monday, July 16th, 2012

HELLO! so i am now serving in Gorlovka with elder hodgson ZL!!!!! its SOO SICK! and guess what???!!!! my district is my whole MTC group!!! elder zacherl, holmes and wood!

its NUTS! elder hodgson is like the best russian speaker in the mission so its gonna be sooososososooo sick.

Well the past week has been crazy with moving and everything! but in the past 3 days in gorlovka we have had like 6 lessons! the people down here are SO much cooler!

everyone just talkes to you on the streets and idk… its just great. i kinnda forgot how to teach though so i feel like a greenie again…. thats pretty much life i guess.. you get to master something really good then the lord kicks your butt and your at the bottom of the pole once again. its hpow we grow!

yesterday we had a interesting lesson! it was with a Ukrainian, communist, mormon.

super cool and crazy lol. the communist party had been in town and there are huge parties and billboards all over the place! people eat it up here! I heard this one story that will make ya sick!

One time in a 3th grade school (in the time of lenin) the teacher asked all the kids to pray to god to give them chocolate! all the kids ATE IT UP! they were all praying their hearts out asking GOD for some chocolate….

after they got done praying their little hearts out to the “one and only god” the teacher asked “where is your chocolate?” the kids didnt know how to answer!

The teacher then said “this time lets try and pray to lenin for chocolate!”

the kids all pumped up prayed again and a bunch of new teachers came into the room with boxes of chocolate.

its pretty nuts! all this CCCP stuff over here! cuz i grew up knowing its pure evil but everyone here talks about them like it was ZION!

well some notes i took from a talk and some studies…

So you think about and plan for what you want to become?

when you start your mission you concluded one phase of your life and began another. you cant go back. you are 100% responsible for what you will do and who you will become.

1-your life is ahead of you what are you going to do with it?

2-what will be your greatest work? greatest creation?

Your greatest work and creation is and ever will be YOU!

what personality will you have? strenghts? knowledge? character? emotional state? presence? qualities and virtues? what will you look like? sound like? what will it be like around you? WHO WILL YOU BE?

we plan for many thing in this life but have you planned your greatest work? have you envisioned who you will become? do you plan for what kind of person you want to be?

can you see in your mind who you want to be?

People sometimes exuse their failures and weaknesses by saying “thats just the way i am” “im just impatiant” “thats my nature” or “im just shy. its who i am”

TO believe that weaknesses and deficiencies in your character are unchangable is to reject the central truth of the plan of salvation. YOU ARE NOT CAST IN STONE.

you not only can change but you change all the time! you can never stand still.

right now you are the sum total of what you have thought, said, seen, and done. what you think, say, do, hear, and see cause you to change.

“what manner of men ought ye to be?

even as i am”    - jesus christ.

just thought i would share a little thought for you guys!!! think about it! iu had nothing else to write about lol! THANKS SO MUCH for all your great letters! mom your letter was way good! i like the way it was laid out! i hope your heath is all good and right! ill keep you in my prayers! tell the world i love them! and thanks for all the help! oh yeah! it was very sad to leave akbar….. its tuff… but hey what do ya do right?? its all in the lords hands!

well…. here i go!

Love elder lambert.

PS!!! idk if anyone really cares but this last week me and devy have been dating for a whole year now! lol idk if it really counts seeing i have been gone more than being with her but hey!! its pretty sick right?? thanks so much for takin care of her! you guys are the best! i hope you have fun at the play! you have NO IDEA how pumped it makes me to hear you guys hang out lol! i love you all! I LOVE YOU DEVYN! keep it real. and talk you you soooo very soon!  its SO dag close to a year! :D <3

Ukraine Week #28 Last days in Saltovka

Thursday, July 5th, 2012

I got a transfer call! i will be serving down in the Donetsk area! i leave on Thursday! i CANT WAIT! i cant tell you how ready i am for this…
ohhh man… life.
i don’t even know what to think about it anymore. this mission. IS. CRAZY. when people give cute little examples at church and in primary about how we are like “the army of helaman” out just serving the lord with big smiles on our face, take the the ‘ARMY’ part of that to heart. you remember what those guys did???!!! haha.
I don’t wanna sound all dramatic but its war out here! i could go on for hours about random things that are going on but to put it short….
Nobody knows whats going on over here.   we have gone 1 whole transfer and had 3 lessons. that didn’t go anywhere. they turned more into fights than spiritual uplifting meetings. I am ready to try out a new branch and new EVERYTHING. i cant describe it to you. this place is crazy.
no news on akbar yet. same old stuff. he is doing good though. Today we had a huge zone soccer game so that was SICK!!! cuz as soon as i got here they made a NO SPORTS rule (meaning with the zone and other missionaries) so today was sooo fun!
this week is crazy i am leaving saltovka for good and starting over new!  and its very much needed.
I am pretty well convinced that this mission is just made to tare out every part of me that the lord does not see fit.
i was thinking about it and its weird… you can really see why i was sent here. i cant explain it but its like this place is a big wall the lord is training me to jump over.
I loved all your letters! you all are so lucky to be in the Gospel. no joke. really think about that. i LOVED what Landon was saying in his letter GET OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONES! “seeth fit to chasten his people; yea, he trieth their patience and their faith” (Mosiah 23:21). this is a scripture that president sent me and its been helping a ton! all of us have huge walls that the lord is just training us to jump over. it can be anything. i challenge you all to sit back and really take a deep look at your life…. where are you going right now? how can we be better? AM. I. HAPPY.  not just “i had a good day!” i mean are you REAAAALLLYYY happy.
if not, drop everything and get on your knees and then start praying on your feet and make some changes. they hurt. really really bad. but one of the best lessons i have learned so far is that THE PAINS OF STAYING THE SAME ARE MUCH GREATER THAN CHANGE. where are you going? set some goals and do whatever the lord wants.
my testimony is insane right now! I’m with Landon when he said something like “when i look back at my old testimony i just smile”
its crazy how much i have learned. and how much i have to learn.
Thursday will be a new start! i cant tell you how pumped i am to leave! well idk what else to say! its been one heck of a transfer ill tell ya that much! pray for some lessons! and help with russian please! having no russians to talk to does not help russian that much..
I love you all so much! talk to ya later!