Week #27 Ukraine Saltivka

Written by clambert on June 25th, 2012

From Julie:  I complied Chase’s pictures from Saltivka into a kind of music video based on his experiences there.  Hope you enjoy.  Link at the top.

Now…..from Chase!

Thanks for the bank info mommy! this week we had lots of time to think out on the streets and i was thinking about life and whatnots and we got talking about money and how we want to be when we get home and stuff and i got thinkin…. i need to start getting in the habbit of “being good” with money! so i went and bought a budget book and have been practising with elder taylor budgeting our MSF money lol! its not really needed here, but i thought it would teach me how to “be good” with money! so DAD! i would LOVE it if you sent a letter about saving money tips and how to budget and stuff like that? sorry if that is not understandable! i just know your like PRO with this kinda stuff and while im out here i want to try and develop some good habbits and tricks to be good with my money and kinda get a hold on whats going on!
this week was the same as the past 3!! CONTACTING!!!!! haha my legs are so ripped! but we did get 2 lessons this week! one was with a J-dub and i wont lie to you it got kinda heated and i lost my temper and kinda blew up in his face….. AND i couldnt even fully blow up due to dag russian in my way so it just made me even more mad that i could not tell him whats up… pretty much after we testified of the BOM he pulled out rev 22 and pretty much said “look…. this is all a lie…. it says so here! or did you guys delete this out of your bible to hide the fact?”  BEHADFHAEIF so yeah… i blew up pretty hard and ripped him a doctrine new one! lol. after my blow up he just shook my hand and left… i felt very bad lol but what i said was true haha.
then we had a lesson right after and he came drunk…. AND he was talking about devils and stuff so it was just a waste! he went up to all the pictures in the church and prayed to them and kissed them lol man it was great…
other then that we have been walking and tryin new ideas on the street!!!
the other day we set up the FRee box of BOMS and sang hims in the middle of the town…. HA! what a hoot! it was cool though as soon as we set up a girl came and took one who worked in the shop in front of us and read like the whole intro and 1st chp while we sang! so that was cool! but during this all a group of guys came buy and threw bottles at us and made a HUGE scene yelling “SATANIST!!!! SATANIST!!!! GET AWAY!!!!!”
haha life is sooo sooo good.
tell catlyn im sorry about her leg!!!!! that sucks! but its super cool at the same time lol! she will get lots of babes with a scar like that! OH YEAH!! you should send me their cookie recipe!!!! but keep in mind we cant get brown sugar here…..! i really miss the family! and it sounds like all is going so so well! THANKS a ton mamma leng for you email! it was so good to know your still alive! sounds like all is well! i love you guys sooooooo much! i am FOR SURE going to come and stop by portland and stay with ya sometime! i am sooo proud of drew! he is gonna love life!
Man time is flying by! we get transfer calls next week!!!!!! how werid is that right????????
I cant tell you how proud i am of the devbot! sound like you all had a cute little girl talk together! haha thats so cool! i love you guys your the best!
man i have been in saltovka for over half a year now lol man its time to leave…. OH! akbar is doing SOOOO good btw! we ment with him last night and man i cant even tell you how happy i was! he just had the spirit blowing out of his ears!! its SO insane to see the old depressed akbar to CRAZY AWEOMSE CHRISTIAN akbar! lol he called and told me that he had a dream and he saw his mom in heaven and she was rolling on the floor laughing cuz she was SO proud of him! ahhh! i balled! idk if you remember his last dream but his mom ran away from him cuz he was so drunk!
I bear testimony that god prepares people around his saints. that means YOU too! we may be walking for months with no lessons but seeing just one life change so much and really seeing how God blesses you and helps you along those first big steps of life is mind bowing. every time i get to here akbars nasty persian voice in the phone saying “Sargent lambert! i miss you! how was your day? are you safe??” i just ball! YES ukraine is SO hard and is really sucks most of the time to tell the truth, but just for that 45min lesson  every month or other month when i can testify of what i know in my heart is worth it all! . I have found so much love and joy on my misison i cant even express it lol idk…. i have been saying the phrase “mind blown” a lot in this email so i guess thats the best way i can put life right now

Love Elder Lambert

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