Week #26 Ukraine Saltivka (I can’t believe it’s been 9 months!)

Written by clambert on June 24th, 2012

goooood day!
so ill give you a run down of my week the best i can! i will try and
focus super hard so i can get in the deets! :D
so on tues we went down to donestk cuz pres razband came to talk to
us! The pres of the 70.  it was pretty good! the we left on the bus
tues morning at 3am so i was SHOT! and NO ac so i was killed over by
carsick meds. but the meeting was good! i got to see koewn!!! he is
doing so good! he is in the office and training right now so HE IS THE
MAN! so tuesday was just a huge day in donestk! the next day I SAW
PETERSEN! it was soooo sick! he has been here all week so i have seen
and talked with him a ton! he looks so great! it was way weird to see
him as just a friend not a missionary anymore! :K but it was great to
meet his family!
SO wedesday i get a call from akbar! and HE GOT A JOB!!!!!!!!!! idk if
i have giving you enough info about his life but this IS HUGE!!!!!!!!!
it’s ablessing straight from god no doubt in our minds. he is doing so
good! he passed the sacrament for the first time!! ahhhh!!! i was in
tears! and THEN!!!! on top of all this glory he got a calling to be
the 1st couns of the priesthood quorm!!!!!!! ahh! life could not be
better for that guy right now! its such a blessing.
thrus we had a nice talk with a drunk guy…. they are the most kind
people to talk to here so why not? he was SUPER funny! but of course
it has gone nowhere…. just thought i would tell you how fun it was.
friday we spent the whole day on the street………. HAHA! my feet
are meat! (TM
devyn)  we talked to some cool black guys around the markets so maybe
they will want to have some lessons! :D  we still have no
investigators! its been like 3 weeks of this craziness! but of course
life is great as always! me and elder taylor are having a hoot
toghether!! my bible study is blowing my mind to bits!
just you so so week here! the euro is NUTS!!!!!!!! we live right on
the fan zone! there is all this crazy stuff going on! but ukraine lost
on friday so everyone is super drunk and sad…. but they get one more
shot at it!
the center city is nuts! there were bands playing on the steet
everywhere and huge breakdancing pads! |(breakdancing is huge here)
and the krishnas were out and about singing and screaming! ahhh!!! i
am in the most wild place on the planet!
ill send some funny vids i got this week!
ahh… today i got my hair cut and we are going to go see some
temples!!!! i cant wait! they are full of icons and crazy stuff lol!!
and idk life just fell into my hands today! i know for a fact that
“sacrifice brings forth the blessings from heaven” i cant be more
happy! dev knows why! :D ah! i cant even put in in words! i love you
dev! i love you ALL so much! i think i have the best family and
friends in the world! it sounds like everyone is having a great time
on their mish! i suck so bad at writing them but.;… meh what do ya
do? lol ;D
hmmmmmm idk what else to say….. i LOVED the pics you senT! although
everyone thought i was checking out child porn when looking at rooroo
(which would not be that crazy of a thing to see on someones comp) so
that was great lol
let annie know that she is 500x better than me cuz i only made it to a
yellow stripE then i quit lol so thatssoooo coool! goo for her!
how is sis doing??!?!?!!!! i want a email sis! hook me up if you have the time!
man. i love life right now. everything is perfect. my testimony is
something that i cant even explain to you. missionary work is THE best
thing on the planet! and the gosple is the ONLY thing that will bring
ahhh! i love you all and hope you kickin life in the butt! GO OKC!
tell wiskers i love her and have a great week you guys!!

GAH!!!!!!!!!!! the vids wont work… i AM SOOO SAD! it was the best
part of this letter!
well…. we danced with the hardi krishnas!!! (idk how to spell it )
and there was this sick girl dancin to this russian music! lol SO
KOOL! sorry you missed out….. my bad…. lds mail is weird…

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