Week #25 Ukraine Saltivka

Written by clambert on June 24th, 2012

HELLO!! so update on my area! right now we have 1 investigator. he is
not going anywhere haha but maybe… idk.  me and elder taylor are
doing great! we have a blast toghether! i have been so blessed! i get
the best comps! i have had like 0 problems!  I LOVE IT! we have just
been working suuuuper hard and finding people on the streets! its so
insane! ughhh. we talked to lots of drunks this week. some of them
were VERY nice and we got like 2 # !!! but they don’t really count i
guess cuz when we call them back the next day they jst freak out at
us! lol… thats life.
we did some service this week for a member! we moved some old stuff
around and did wall paper! it was really fun!! but to tell the truth
we just did lots of walking on the streets! its going alright i
guess.. im suuuuuuuuper tired!!! i just want some people to
teach!!!!!!!!!!!! pray for us!
So the euro cup is on and in action!!! woooooo!!!! it’s ahooot~! its
in our area tright now so everyone is freaking out! logan and lando
would love it! and the people are being really kind to us now cuz they
this we are fans from england! its great!!!
but there is a HUGE fan center right by our branch and they show all
the games and people are just freaking out all over the place! you
know how football is… lol INSANE!!  so football is what its all
about right now! it’s aHUGE hit. we are going to play today! we play a
ton of soccer here i love it! we have 3 russians and 1 armanian in out
district so we get some crazy games going!!!! OH YEAH! i think i
forgot to tell youi but i am the new disctrict leader for saltovka! :D
its pretty fun! i have 3 greenie sisters under my wing and they have
no idea whats going on and i have a CRAZY russian who we all have to
watch over lol so its pretty crazy….
WE have this one investigator his name is sasha! he is 28 but he looks
like he is 18 its really weird…. BUT!!!!!!! he is like my twin!!!!!!
he has all these synths and FL and reason and all these midi keys its
soooooo sick!!!!!!!!!! he writes glitch pop and its SUPPPPPPERRRRR
good! we talk music all the time lol.
our branch had a big picnic this saturday out in the boonies!!!! it
was sooooooo sick! we played football and i had my first sala!!!!!
(SALTED FAT! ) yes i got my hands on some! this member had a box of it
and when she found out that i have never had it she pretty much threw
it down my throat! it was not that bad to tell you the truth…. its
just like getting a steak and chopping the big fat part off and eating
it! but its really soft and falls apart!
welll i don’t know whatelse to say! so much crazy goes on here i don’t
know where to start!
i hope you all having a sick time back home!!! im sorry im so bad at
writing people and letting you know whats going on! lol but just know
i love you! haha writing just sucks.
It sounds like devy is doing great!!! i hope she is loving her job cuz
its my dream!!!!
she said she went to the rez this week?! ahhhhh thatsthe best! i miss
fishing so much!! I LOVe you devy!
so…… last week i said i would write all my boys on missions….
but i didnt…. lol.
im sorry i just hate it… just hate it. i long for the day where i
can never write a letter again! :D lol ill wirte you all this week
though! i need tio send logan the pokemon card back!!!!! ugh!
so i am still reading the old tes!!! its blowing my
mind!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! my studies are going sooooooooooooo good! im
loving it! tomorrow we have a big meeting in donetsk so we have to
wake up at 2am!!!!!!!! its gonna be nuts! we all are taking a bus
down! it will be good to hang with everyone!!!
ahh! its so cray that nate is home!!! i miss you man!!! i feel like he
just left! its weird how fast that went by! and the puics that bri
took blew my mind!!!!!!!!!! SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO goood!!! i really
miss all my cousins!!!!!

ahh sick…. right now this way kicktrash chill wave song came on in
the internet club…….. mmmm…..yeha…….
lol! well i love you all!!! I LOVREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE all your
letters!!!!!!!!!!!!! my life is going sooooooosososososososoooo good
right now! everything is perfect!
I love you all!!!!!

Love ya devy!!!!

your bro…. elder lambert

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