Week #24 Ukraine Saltivka

Written by clambert on June 24th, 2012

well this week was pretty nuts! my new comp is elder Taylor! he is really cool! he is your classic highschool footballer! so we have sooooooo much in commen! lol
jkjk he is really cool i think we are going to have a great time together!
these past few weeks have been in the dumps! we have had 0 ivestigators for the last 3 weeks….. lots of contacting and memebr lessons… ughhh.
its going great here though! my studies have been SICK!!!!! ever since sister and elder lawrence came and talked with us i have THE BIGGEST crave to read scriptures! i am readin the OT and its just blowing my mind!!!!!
AKbar is doing great he is starting to become more like a member in the church so thats awesome!! he was very sad to see elder keown leave!
i was tooooooo!!! :(

i dont really know what to say this week lol! we have been working hard and i have made some DANG hard sacrifices and i have been seeing the blessings from heaven! Ukraine is pretty much home now. its so insane here! someday it would be cool if we did come here or you picked me up… idk… we will see!!!
but i love you guys! im sorry im not writting a lot today i just dont like writting home to tell the truth. I LOVE YOU! but it just makes me home sick for a hour.
Thanks so much for sending me logans and landons and coals e mails!!! it sounds like they are on fire!!! i AMMMMM going to FORREALLLLL write them TODAY. i always say i will but then i start reading the scrips then BAM! its already 6.  so sorry bros i have nopt been good at writtin!! DEVs box is on the way!!! should be there in a week or so!! snd she should keep her bangs long! I LOVE YOU DEV!
so i am in my 5th trans right now! its so crazy…. i hit my year mark in 7th. SOOOO sooon. i dont know what to think, i feel like i have been a missionary my whole life! i really dont know what i did before my mission.
well! i really dont know what to say! we got 100% nothing. 100%.   its super hard.
we got 2 contacts in the past 3 weeks! they are really good ones and i think one girl might turn into somehting!
well~!!! thats it fam!  its a good week and i LOVEEEE it here!  if there is one thing you learn from me on a mission its that you did not birth a writter. ;D

Love you!

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