Week #23 Ukraine Saltivka

Written by clambert on June 4th, 2012

HELLO! so akbar called me at like 1130 at night and said that you didnt get my last email?? weird… well here it is!! haha

Well this week was INSANE.
transfer day come by and i was just waiting by the phone all day! then when the ap’s called i knew it was my time to leave my greenie area once and for all!
i picked up the phone and he was like “hey is this lambert?” “yeah.” “can i talk to your companion….” WHHAAAYYYYTTT!”
ends up i am staying here for another in saltovka!! elder koewn is going down to donetsk :( we are VERY sad we are getting split up! we were talking last night and we both said that our companionship is how we alyways pictured our missions before coming out. we had a blast together! i will miss him so so much!
i dont know who my new comp is untill thursday!!! i have no idea! we all think its going to be someone older than me so it should be great!!! our whole district pretty much is leaving!! so a big change is going down this week!!!!
OHHHHHHHHHk okay okay….. i am sad about the pepper spray but what do ya do? just follow what pres said. but a stun gun? HAHA! thats so mom…
i love you!
dont worry about it all! all this crazy stuff was like 3 weeks ago now so no use dwelling on it! we are safe and the lord is with us. and if he is with us nothing can happen! as B young once said “they can only kick us up!”
Life is great of course! we have no investigators still…. almost got this one way cool indie kid who loves the knife and the xx and sigure ross but he was pretty against it all.
thanks SO much for sending the box! im sorry it cost so much!!! to tell the truth i had NO idea it could get up to 600??? thats insane. ill be more carefull! im sorry guys lol
i have learned on my mish how much i owe you 2!! im kinda a punk right?? lol but the BOMs you sent….. you SURE they are the new translation. and leather with gold?? cuz thats whats needed.
dad! i loved the pic you send of me in the sand! it made me laugh!!!! such good times!!!! :D
so i went on a split this week and it was pretty great! i learned a ton!!!! it was with our zone learder from Denmark! it was really really cool!
we have just been working super super hard trying to find the elect out here!! and tryin to soak up every last moment together!!!!
this transfer went by WAY fast!!! can you believe in 3 more ill be out 1 year???!!! what??!! crazy.
sO i got the box from gpa and gma!!! and from the church!!! thanks sooooo much eveyone it really made my day!!!
personal study has just been blowing my mind! the old test is SOOOO great! im loving it soosososoooo much! i cant tell you how much im learning ans how much my testimony is growing!
the spirit has been with us all week! everything has just been a blast! i LOVE going out on the streets of saltovka and just talking to everyone you see! its so nuts! like there are so many people who just “know us” like the people we see everyday! and its crazy! i have learned that you can make friends wherever you are in this world!
i THink elder peterson should be coming up soon? idk? if he is that will be SICK!!!!
i have been super busy really digging into my studies and finding people so DEV! im sorry but i didnt send a letter this week..  lol but i send a box! and it should be there within 2 or 2 1/2 weeks! so just hang tight till it comes! I LOVE YOu!!
Big dad!!! the word is out that the thunder are just killing it back home!! thats so sick!
I really feel at home this week. like i am really sinking into my mission. its a great feeling. when you work work workyou start to forget about everything that distracts you and you fins whats really down there! deep in your heart!! and find what makes you happy!  you guys all better be going to church!!! and alyssa you better stil be reading the BOM like you said!
I love you all!!!! lifes great! i bought a squid leg this week and cooked her right up! it was veryyyy salty…. but okay. ill send some pics/vids! it was great but elder koewn was ticked cuz it made the aprt stink like fish poo.

Well my friends….. the story of elder lambert and elder koewn had rolled out to its end…. we will see that will happen next i guess!!

PS: the weird mp3 thing im talking about came not to long ago… it looks like some kind of amp switch?? it like cleans the music or somehting?? i have no idea but it looks like its worht a lot so i wanted to know whyyou sent it??? maybe someone just put it in there lol idk!

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