Week #22 Ukraine Saltivka

Written by clambert on May 27th, 2012

Hello family!!!! skype was so awesome! i loved talking to all of you! you all looked so great!!!!! i still think skype is the most awkward thing in the world!!!!
this week was so so… so 2 days after skype me and elder koewn got jumped by some drunk guys in front of our home! :( they were way drunk and come up to us asking weird crazy drunk stuff about the BOM and we just started to walk past and 1 of them kicked me way hard as we were walking away and then he followed us to our door and he got in the middle of me and elder koewn and i got up to him and told him to get our of here and kinda pushed him away from us and he punched me in the chest then we ran inside and he punched elder koewn in the back! we got inside way fast and locked the door.
bleh. thats how my week was.

So after akbar missionary work as just got dowwnnnnnnnn. we have NO investigators! we have 2 but they are not going anywhere. so we spent the week out on the streets! we didnt really get much but maybe found a cool guy.
so idk if i told you this but we started up english group again :) its been going good! we had 1 person the first time then 3 then 6! so its getting bigger by the week!
we get transfer calls this friday! :( im fre4aking out!!! i dont wanna leave elder koewn! :….(
SO you asked if parents come pick up the missionaries here….. some do. but to tell you the truth save your money lol. ITs not a place to go walk around and see. haha but thats far off..
so happy birthday mom!!!! i hope you have the best day ever! i think its tomorrow but still know i lvoe you!!!!
thanks for sending all the boxes anbd stuff if you could put some PEPPER SPRAY in it i would be VERY glad. im freaked out.

I hope you all have a greatttttt week!!!! i love you sososososooooo much! please let devyn know that i am sending a box today or next monday so if she does not get any letters thats why! :) love you devy!

This week elder lawrence of the 70 come with his wife to talk to us… HOLY COW.
he wanted us to have a interview with him and whle we waited we got to sit with his wife and ask ANY questions we want… it was like sitting with the prophet and asking anything you could dream of….. i learned more in that hour than i ever have in m,y life!!!
remind me and ill tell you more about it next week! i am out of time but i love you all to death!! please send jer your love! he goes to lake powell today!!!!! i lvoe you and PLEASE EEEEEEMAIL LANDONS AND LOGANS LETTERS. dearelder is crap.

Joe i got you book and poster!! AHHHHH that is the best thing ever! my bible study just went up 50 hp points!!!!!  :D


NOT kidding about sending me pepper spray! please send some if its possible i hear its not…’ but whatev just bake it iontpo a cake or something!!! make sure its a spray that can take someone DOWN to the floor. i dont care if its kinda big. just as long as it fits in my pocket.

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