Week #21 Ukraine Saltivka

Written by clambert on May 27th, 2012

Akbar is 35 years old and was born in Iran. He was born into a great muslim family and spent his whole life in Iran. his dad was not very into the “god” stuff and was not very good example for akbar in his childhood but his mother was VERY muslim and she raised her son to be the same! akbar grew VERY close to his mother and they had a great love for god. after years of hard core muslim practise akbar wanted a change in his life! he was sick of all the crazy terrorists that were killing so many of his people. he does not think the whole muslim world is evil he just simply had enough of what he called “home” when  9/11 took place.  4 years ago he chose to come to ukraine to study russian!! he had no idea why ukraine but he just knew he wanted to get away from the muslims and he wanted to be free. he got here 4 years ago and has just been chilling here at school. he does not work right now but he is trying to find some work here in UA. his awesome  mother died 1 year ago and it was a VERY hard thing for him and he did a tail spin into the depths of ukraine…. drinking. he told us one time “i dont know why i came to study russian in UA i just felt there was something pulling me here and now my life is hell”
about 1 month ago the death of his mother got to him and he was hitting the booz HARD! he got wasted out of his mind and could not move at all! so he just sat on his desk in his bedroom.
he felt like the room was spinning and he felt like he was going to die from all the vodka! he went into his bed to sleep and he had a very touching dream he told us about while almost in tears..
“i was in my dream and i saw my mom! i was so happy i could see her when i was feeling so sick and i wanted to give her a hug but when she saw me she ran away to sit by god. she looked like she hated me. she said i was dead to her because i have been drinking! they both looked at me with sad eyes and walked away”
he woke up and he started to cry the rest of the night. he didnt know what to do other than pray to god and ask for help! he paryed many many times and then he does not know why but he chose to pray to christ this time and ask for help! he asked for some angles to save him from his life. he said he wanted to kill himslef  that night and that he was done with his  sad life life.
1 week later he saw the missionaries standing on the street handing out book of mormons! he RIGHT AWAY come over to talk to us!
me and elder koewn thought  it sounded like he just wanted to learn about america and english so we did not call him for about a week and 1/2 thinking he was not worth our time…
we called and met with him 2 weeks after to see if he wanted to practise english and when we met with him our worlds were rocked…
he is the most prepared person for the restored gospel on the planet. he opened his whole heart to us and he will be baptized by what he calls “his 2 angels” THIS saturday may 12th.
Akbar is our best friend! we talk with him everyday! he has come such a long way and he is doing so great! i cant WAIT for the baptism this saturday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
not to make this sound like a big deal but the stats of ukraine are 1 missionary for his whole mission will baptize .7 people. so a little more than half a person…  let alone a muslim!!!!!
ahh im sososo happy for him! i will tell you how it all goes over skype on monday!!!! and send pictures and off of course!
holyyyyyyy cow the thunder storms here are NUTS!!!!!!!!!!! last night the loudest thunder/lightning i have ever heard went down!!!! EVERY car alarm wnet of and the whole city woke up!!! soo crazy! no joke i thought we were being bombed!!!! for real!
ps i forgot my camara today so sorry no pics or vids!

SKYPE: so it will be the same thing as last time! we are going to start at 9am so i think it will be like 12 sunday night for you yeah?? same thing as last time!
if you want to connect joe go for it but i dont want to waste time at the start getting everything all set up and what not ya know? soo if you know whats going down before hand go for it! i would LOVEEEEEEE to have him join in! and yes diaper rash dev CAN COME again if she would like!!
SO for you! be ready sunday night at like 12! i will call at 9am. CANT WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we will have 1 baptism by then!!! :D go akbar!!
i might wanna do the same thing as lasdt time… like talk to everyone then 1 on1  ya know? but idk yet! so get ready!!!

i washed my socks and garments togetther and now my g’s are all blue…. i need some new ones STAT!!!!!!!
- “AX MESS UP” hair stuff its in the little black jars
- we have a new music rule and we only can listen to motab or russian classical! SO if you have the time and could burn some RUSSIAN CLASSICAL not traditional. i have no idea what that means just like composers like bock and stuff !

thanks for all you do for me!!! i know im a pain :/ think of some stuff you all want to talk about over skyp yeah?? i cant wait to see you all!!! have a awesome week and kick some butt! please send the following to the boys on missions! BTW WHY DONT YOU SEND THEIR EMAILS TO ME ANYMORE???? I GOTTA HEAR HOW THEY ARE DOING??? :D

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