Ukraine Week #18/Saltivka

Written by clambert on April 15th, 2012

The movie i sent is how i feel about writting home……….. its the hardest time of the week. please send to everyone i should be writting.

Life has been great! our 15 yr old moved to italy the night i wrote you the email about him. he will be back in 2 months i think.
we had a good turn out at church this week! one of our investigators even put on a white shirt and tie! it was way cool.
zone conf was REALY good like always. the interviews with pres were great and hard core like always! but dont worry he said i could stay ;D
easter here is soo weird. they dont really do much its not super big but they have eggs and all that but mostly they bless these sticks and you buy them and put them in your house or something. i really dont know to tell the truth. i think they have a big party at one of the temples. but we got to watch the SAT morning sesh and it was AWESEOM!!!!!!!!! the prophets onpening words were way cool when he was talking about how the gosple is being listened to all around the world! i say this because i had russians (of course) chinese and french and english alll in the same room watching it in different languages! it was really good.
we get to see the rest of it this sunday so I CANT WAIT!
this week was pretty nuts we just tought and found people! to be honest the work is going super slow. Im filled with SOOOOOOO much energy and im so pumped everyday to get out and work but yeah…. nothing is happening. its okay though i still have that fire lol! zone conf helped a ton!!!!
so all those ?s you asked!!!
1- yeah we have a stove and oven so we can cook whatevvv whenevvv!!!
2- our new aprt has 0 bugs!!!! its sooo great!!!!
3- to tell the truth the food is not way weird here so i would say nothing so far lol i did have a chicken ball that was filled with butter the other week lol.
4-there are so many weird things you have to do here! you cant wistle! EVER. you have to wear slippers when your in a house. there are NO lines here you just push your way up. it sucks HARD CORE! when the metro comes in its fine to just stand in front of the door even if everyone is coming out.
for real i really do thing people are crazy here. if you shake someones hand you take your glove off. ALLLLL dogs have sweaters and shoes here. yes i said shoes. im not kidding around about that one. never bring up the “old days” to a old person they will talk your ear off.
they like there food to rot before they eat it.  its 100% cool to throw trash on the ground but it is against the law to pick it up.
inside the buses there is a sign that says you can fit 20 in the bus but there is about 50. “you always can fit one more” they say.
5-family is about the same! very important! but there is a lot ore broken familes here.
6- most people are pretty poor and get all their money from the govrn.
7-the silliest thing i have done?  stole a chirstmas tree out of the trash.

8-nothing has changed about what i want to do or be other than get married and have a family lol (of course) i want to study russian fosho!!!
but idk….. of course music is all i got right now and i still have the music virus so ill be writting music as soon as i step off the plane.
9- the weather here is the same as utah! winter is a little buit worse but so far i feel like im in utah!!!
well there ya go!!!! lol i hope you liked that lol i got 2 boxes this weeek!!!!!!!!!!!
the dear elder one and the BIG one!!! THANKS SOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!! its the best thing in the worldf!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it did get broken into lol but they did nothing. thanks sooo much! it was the best ever!!!!! i eat so much peanut butter now lol!
well thats all this week! i forgot to make a list of things to write home about this week so ill do it this week so i can give more infop! i love you all opeace out.

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