Ukraine Week #17/Saltivka

Written by clambert on April 15th, 2012

This week was very great! we started teaching a 15yr old boy named roman and he is SOOOOO awesome! we set a goal to have him baptized this month! he fosho is into it! me and elder keown are doing great! the lord is blessing us SOOOO MUCH! our area is looking better than ever!!
this week we get to watch conference!!!!! and its zone conference and interviews!!!!!! its going to be a crazy week!
My very best chinese frined zhen was just called as institute pres!!!! its awesome! me and elder petersOn (if elder pete is reading this i did that on purpose)
found a chinese less active then helped him get back on track and now he is the institute pres!!!!! ahh he is doing so great. he shares the gospel alll the time with his friends!
Our investigators are all going good!! we have 2 that are looking WAY good! one said (fyodr) he knows he will be baptized just does not know when! he is Such s solid member already lol and now the 15yr old!!!! ahh we are being so blessed.
how is the fam doing???? i didnt get a letter this week! its okay though trust me i understand being to busy to write and all. I read landons email! sound like SOOOO much fun! it sounds like he is not even in america lol its funny! i will write him next week! im sure you understand lando!
let everyone know i love them! i hope you had a good time this week!!
OHHHH btw 2 things.
1-if you could send me like idk… something that describes where the Pearl of great price comes from that would be sweet!
like how did JS find it or whatever? i have no idea and its not anywhere in our home books. so if you could help my study out i would be pleased. its not in the BOM which is werid. i hear he bought some scrolls or something? i just dont know! and it seems like i should so yeah. just a email
2- If you could find something on the internet that is like….. the bible and the BOM chronologicly and comprehensive (dont think thats right) list of events.
understand??? like i list that showes   here is the tower of bable… thats when jared left for the promised land….   get it??
or just like those scripture mastery cards that kids have? they have a pic of like the history of the bible or bom on back??
but if they could be combined! that would be sick. idk if such a think is out there but yeah lol.
The spirit has been so great this week! i cant even tell you how much i love it out here!!! its SUCHHH a adventure! every stinking day! like this morning we had to pay rent and we didnt understand they land lady and she got way mad and just sat on our couch,…… we had no idea what to do lol
its just random stuff like that every hour of the day! haha btw my russian is going great! the lord is REALLYYY helping me! i found a new study pattern and its helping SOOO much! i LOVE to ready  its the best thing ever!
I have dont have that packege you hguys sent yet! mail is slow and low… haha I do have a dearelder pack but its in donestk…. like always.
elder keown told me if you sne dboxes through they get here in lie a week!!!!!!  he said just type that into google and its really easy so you should try it out!!!
our missionary investigator lesson went really good lol he had some deep ?s but we have been studying way hard fr this week!!!
I got shars morrgans and grandma and granps letters this last week!!!! thanks sooo much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
well i g2g have a killer week! i love you all!  goodbye

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