April, 2012

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Week #19 Ukraine Saltivka

Tuesday, April 24th, 2012
hello mom! sorry this is short… i have to tell the truth i spent the whole time writting wesley…….
but this week was alright. really hard still! but we are pushing through! so dev told me that janessa is getting married? CRAZY lol
life back home is just a big joke/dreeam lol. but how is the fam????? i hope colling and sis are doing good!!! hang in there guys!
I got the box that has pics and stuff today!!! THANKSSS SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH!!!!
i made lots of videos for devyn and you guys this week! they are really lame and weird but hope you like them!1
i love you guys sooo much! im so thankful for all that you have gave me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My mission is SOOOOOOOOOO AWESOME!!!!! ahhhhhh i love it here!!!!!!!!!!!!!
we did a service proj on sat it was way cool! we just cleaned LOTS OF TRASH!!!!! here are some pics!!
welll i got no time! hope you like my vids.
i found hunger games in russian btw!!! ill be sending it home soon!!

Ukraine Week #18/Saltivka

Sunday, April 15th, 2012

The movie i sent is how i feel about writting home……….. its the hardest time of the week. please send to everyone i should be writting.

Life has been great! our 15 yr old moved to italy the night i wrote you the email about him. he will be back in 2 months i think.
we had a good turn out at church this week! one of our investigators even put on a white shirt and tie! it was way cool.
zone conf was REALY good like always. the interviews with pres were great and hard core like always! but dont worry he said i could stay ;D
easter here is soo weird. they dont really do much its not super big but they have eggs and all that but mostly they bless these sticks and you buy them and put them in your house or something. i really dont know to tell the truth. i think they have a big party at one of the temples. but we got to watch the SAT morning sesh and it was AWESEOM!!!!!!!!! the prophets onpening words were way cool when he was talking about how the gosple is being listened to all around the world! i say this because i had russians (of course) chinese and french and english alll in the same room watching it in different languages! it was really good.
we get to see the rest of it this sunday so I CANT WAIT!
this week was pretty nuts we just tought and found people! to be honest the work is going super slow. Im filled with SOOOOOOO much energy and im so pumped everyday to get out and work but yeah…. nothing is happening. its okay though i still have that fire lol! zone conf helped a ton!!!!
so all those ?s you asked!!!
1- yeah we have a stove and oven so we can cook whatevvv whenevvv!!!
2- our new aprt has 0 bugs!!!! its sooo great!!!!
3- to tell the truth the food is not way weird here so i would say nothing so far lol i did have a chicken ball that was filled with butter the other week lol.
4-there are so many weird things you have to do here! you cant wistle! EVER. you have to wear slippers when your in a house. there are NO lines here you just push your way up. it sucks HARD CORE! when the metro comes in its fine to just stand in front of the door even if everyone is coming out.
for real i really do thing people are crazy here. if you shake someones hand you take your glove off. ALLLLL dogs have sweaters and shoes here. yes i said shoes. im not kidding around about that one. never bring up the “old days” to a old person they will talk your ear off.
they like there food to rot before they eat it.  its 100% cool to throw trash on the ground but it is against the law to pick it up.
inside the buses there is a sign that says you can fit 20 in the bus but there is about 50. “you always can fit one more” they say.
5-family is about the same! very important! but there is a lot ore broken familes here.
6- most people are pretty poor and get all their money from the govrn.
7-the silliest thing i have done?  stole a chirstmas tree out of the trash.

8-nothing has changed about what i want to do or be other than get married and have a family lol (of course) i want to study russian fosho!!!
but idk….. of course music is all i got right now and i still have the music virus so ill be writting music as soon as i step off the plane.
9- the weather here is the same as utah! winter is a little buit worse but so far i feel like im in utah!!!
well there ya go!!!! lol i hope you liked that lol i got 2 boxes this weeek!!!!!!!!!!!
the dear elder one and the BIG one!!! THANKS SOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!! its the best thing in the worldf!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it did get broken into lol but they did nothing. thanks sooo much! it was the best ever!!!!! i eat so much peanut butter now lol!
well thats all this week! i forgot to make a list of things to write home about this week so ill do it this week so i can give more infop! i love you all opeace out.

Ukraine Week #17/Saltivka

Sunday, April 15th, 2012

This week was very great! we started teaching a 15yr old boy named roman and he is SOOOOO awesome! we set a goal to have him baptized this month! he fosho is into it! me and elder keown are doing great! the lord is blessing us SOOOO MUCH! our area is looking better than ever!!
this week we get to watch conference!!!!! and its zone conference and interviews!!!!!! its going to be a crazy week!
My very best chinese frined zhen was just called as institute pres!!!! its awesome! me and elder petersOn (if elder pete is reading this i did that on purpose)
found a chinese less active then helped him get back on track and now he is the institute pres!!!!! ahh he is doing so great. he shares the gospel alll the time with his friends!
Our investigators are all going good!! we have 2 that are looking WAY good! one said (fyodr) he knows he will be baptized just does not know when! he is Such s solid member already lol and now the 15yr old!!!! ahh we are being so blessed.
how is the fam doing???? i didnt get a letter this week! its okay though trust me i understand being to busy to write and all. I read landons email! sound like SOOOO much fun! it sounds like he is not even in america lol its funny! i will write him next week! im sure you understand lando!
let everyone know i love them! i hope you had a good time this week!!
OHHHH btw 2 things.
1-if you could send me like idk… something that describes where the Pearl of great price comes from that would be sweet!
like how did JS find it or whatever? i have no idea and its not anywhere in our home books. so if you could help my study out i would be pleased. its not in the BOM which is werid. i hear he bought some scrolls or something? i just dont know! and it seems like i should so yeah. just a email
2- If you could find something on the internet that is like….. the bible and the BOM chronologicly and comprehensive (dont think thats right) list of events.
understand??? like i list that showes   here is the tower of bable… thats when jared left for the promised land….   get it??
or just like those scripture mastery cards that kids have? they have a pic of like the history of the bible or bom on back??
but if they could be combined! that would be sick. idk if such a think is out there but yeah lol.
The spirit has been so great this week! i cant even tell you how much i love it out here!!! its SUCHHH a adventure! every stinking day! like this morning we had to pay rent and we didnt understand they land lady and she got way mad and just sat on our couch,…… we had no idea what to do lol
its just random stuff like that every hour of the day! haha btw my russian is going great! the lord is REALLYYY helping me! i found a new study pattern and its helping SOOO much! i LOVE to ready  its the best thing ever!
I have dont have that packege you hguys sent yet! mail is slow and low… haha I do have a dearelder pack but its in donestk…. like always.
elder keown told me if you sne dboxes through Roxolana.com they get here in lie a week!!!!!!  he said just type that into google and its really easy so you should try it out!!!
our missionary investigator lesson went really good lol he had some deep ?s but we have been studying way hard fr this week!!!
I got shars morrgans and grandma and granps letters this last week!!!! thanks sooo much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
well i g2g have a killer week! i love you all!  goodbye

Week #16 Ukraine Saltivka

Saturday, April 14th, 2012

SO your little scooby doo brain storm sure kicked my thoughts into gear!! i now feel i peace and comfort that fills me pday soul…. really thanks i LOVE the ideas everything is so cake sauce now!!
well our week was a big…..kinda…. awesome…. fail… success.  Its been a tuff few weeks! we have like no investigators and the ones we do have arnt doing so hot and creamy. BUT! there are still hints here and there for success! so we have been doing loads of finding the elect children of the lord on the warm spring streets of the kraine!! Russian is going good! slow and steady!!! somedays im rocking it some days i feel like a sprinkle…. small and useless.
BUT! me and elder keown didnt get a transfer call!!!!!!!!!!!! so that means i get to serve with him for another transfer (6weeks) its so swesh!
so thiss week i DID eat something that should go on the weirdest thing i have ate list!!!! okay so…. this is a direct translattion… Fermented pickled mushroom drink.  yes….. it arrived into my pallet.  ANNDDD it was pretty good to tell the truth! believe it or not i have grown a huge LOVING for mushrooms on the mish! ( jer would be proud i know ;D) but it was crazy! we were at a members house and i saw these jars filled with a poop like cream and i simply asked whats this?>?
and that my friends was one of the worst questions on my mission. next thing i knew i was drinking it. :0
I LOVED conf!!! we had to watch it on a ipad with like 20 missionaries lol it was great. they were all good talks… DAD i though of you durring the talk in the 2nd sesh on sunday about free choice and DC121!!! i dont remember his name… he was from the 70….
but i dont know how i didnt soak up GConf when i was home!!! ahhhh its the best day of my life!!!
SO we were teaching a lesson to this guy (one time this guy hit his wife durring one of our lessons….yeah… right?) and somehow IDK but their dog fell off the roof!!!!!! HAHA!! i never laughed so hard in my life! it was a pretty far drop! it was so funny cuz we saw it through the window!!! it landed in a pile of trash then ran away… sad… but maybe one of the best moments of my life.
SO i have been making all our bread for the weeks and DANNNG i can whip up some mean loaf! but i was woundering if you maybe could send some good bread mixtures??? idk i need to branch out a bit.
SO MOM! im sending you a Mothers day pack soon! i hope it will get home in time! so if you get it DONT OPEN TILL MOTHERS DAY!!
nothing other than the above really happend this week…. just LOTSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS of getting yelled at on the streets and over the phone. keepin on chugin!!! lifes so great!!! must of all cuz the sun is out and about!!
SO I LOVEEEE everysingle one of ya! once again thanks so much for the ideas about writting the ddevvbot shmot! i Sent a letter last week and today so you should be expecting soon! yeah dev you should email me thats tots okay and ill just follow those ideas you sent!!
I LOVEEEEEEE you all! send me some pics!!!!!!! i wanna see you and make sure your still real!
im alost done with the BOM for the 2nd time!!! then im starting the old test!!! with my new bible thatnk you very much1!!!!! we have been eating all the food you send left and right!!!!!!!!! AHHHHH its so good i cant thank you enough! TOday i have to buy some new pants cuz all mine that are not suit pants are rpped…. so yeah.


Ukraine Week #15/Saltivka

Friday, April 13th, 2012

-The Worst week with the best spirit-

I was on a week long split with a russian while my comp was on a visa trip. the split sucked we will leave it at that. not because of russian (which i going great btw) it was just a clash of lifes.   we had 2 lessons……………………..  ugh
but i cant tell you how blessed we have been!!!!!!! we have a whopping 12 investigators right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!
on satuday we had a church open house and just walked around all day asking people to come!
i stopped and talked to some random guy and they way he answered back sounded soooooo weird!!!! he was speaking russian but i could not tell where he was from! he said “you speak english?” in russian and then he was like…… hey im kode… HE IS FROM AMERICA!!! lol its soo nuts! he is a missionary/something here in ukraine i dont really know how to explain it ( neither does he) but we took his to the church and showed him around! he said he knows nothing about mormons but really wants to meet!!!! we think he just came with a group of random missionaries for a change of pace in his life not really for preachig the word.
so we get to meet with him this week!!!! ahhh its sooo awesome! i cant wait to teach him!! its pretty great!
me and the new comp are loving live! russian is going tonz better!!! still hard but kode siad he has been here for 9 months and to tell the truth his russian SUCKS! lol soo the gift of tounges is soo real! i just never could see it!
something funny!!!! we are going to teach 2 brothers this week we found their names……..    Gods power and Brother laundry!!!!
no joke!!!! those are their real life names!!!!!!!! its sOOOOOO crazy talking to them on the phone!
im SOOO pumoped to hear about drew!!! thats sooooo good for him! he will eat it up! ahh im sooo pumped i love how everyone is out serving!
the only thing that is crappy is i cant write like anyone!!!! i have SOOO many people who i need to write but there is no time!! its sad! idk what to do with it all lol! just want to let everyone know i love them and i try hard to write when we have free time but ass a missionary thats not real. but!! haha ( its funny to bring this up now right after i said i have no free time) we are playing bball today1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i cant wait!
but let jerryt know im working hard and thingking of what to write him! tell him its a taste of his own med!!!! :D
i love you all and everything is going awesoe here!!!i cant believe i live in ukraine,,,,,,, so weird

If there is any questions you have just let me know!!! i never really know what to write about so ask away1!!!
Love you have a good week!!! peaace.
ELder lambert
I dont know how to explain my week. ill i can really do is bare my tetimony.
This week i received a actual knowledge of the savior jesus christ. The moment i have been waiting for my whole life, my testimony has turned into a knowlege.
I just want to say that just as sure as i live i know he lives. the feelings that came over me this week are indiscribable. i would give everything I am and everything i hope to be to have that spirit again and feel his love.