Week #12 Ukraine/Saltivka

Written by clambert on March 6th, 2012

new pictures and a video posted this week!

wow/ first off i just got done balling my eyes out.. MY LITTLE SISTER IS GETTING MARRIED!!!!! i had no idea!!! this is sooooo insane right now!!!! tell lindsay she NEEDS to wirte me ASAP and give me allllllll the details! ahhhh oh my gosh!!!  she married a great guy though thats for sure!!! this is by far the most insane (life is really moving on and we are not kids anymore) moment i have ever had. Send my love to lindsay and taylor!!! let my sis know i love her and i support her 500% and to WRITE ME!

Well my long days of being trained have come to a end… i am now a REAL missionary lol thats now true but its how i feel! i really feel like now i am alone and on my own for the first time its really crazy. i cant tell you how much i love elder petersen and i already miss him soooo much! i gave him your (mom) phone number because he wants to come by the house within the next 2 weeks and say hello! sooooo be ready for a call from my trainer!!! :D his email is *********

life is going great here. as always! i have learned soooo much the paswt months and i know these next i will learn even more now that im alone!!! alll of our investigators are kinda on the flop but we are keeping our heads up!!!! the lord is with us.
We had a very spiritual lesson with my good friend zhen from china!n this kid is amazing. he has no reason to have any faith in god but he is just soooo spiritual! i cant explain it. He does not even know what missionary work really is but he is talking to his family and all his friends giving them BOMS its sooo amazing. he talked about the holy ghost and how he feels when we teach him and we all ended up balling lol i love that man.

this week my companion is elder mos!!! AWESOME kid. its just for this week untill the new transfer starts then i will get my new companion. it sounds like home gets better and better!!! ALYSSA! i got your letter! thanks soooooo much! ill write you today!/

man…. i dont even know how to express myself anymore. the change in my heart has been so overpowering.
the church is true. Christ is real. so is god.  i can feel his love everday and he is helping me perfect my life to become a better man, brother, son, husband, and friend. i am SO thankful i was born into my family and have the best friends in the world.
mom and dad i feel like just saying “thanks” is not even close to what i need to do to pay you back. you have made my life the best life ever. you brought up a kid who had some hard times with his testimony but you did everything right to help me find faith in god and my savior. you have given me hope for mansions above!. I really do love you.

when you send my box Please inculde the following lol
-chips and salsa.
-peanut butter!!!!!!!!!!! i NEEEEEDDDD this.
- hot sauce!!!!!! random goodness,

well im about out of time! thanks for all your letters! let devy know im writting her! ill send again today! and i loveeee her soooooooo much! thanks for spending so much time with her! let jerry know i love him! i miss you all so much!
but i dont know if i can ever leave this mission…

Love Elder lamberto.

PS we do get the ensign.

Ten minutes later:    oh my gosh lindsay is married……. or going to be lol. im flipping out right now! haha tell that girl she need to write me! maybe they already did and i have not gotten it yet but still!!! man…. life is so insane… and real lol

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