Week #8 Ukraine/Saltivka

Written by clambert on February 6th, 2012

From Mom:  Change of plans.  From here on out, I am leaving his letters as they come, warts and all.  I have noticed his English getting worse, and I think he will “enjoy” seeing the transition as he speaks only Russian for 2 years. :-)

Like always as a missionary……”such a great week!!!!” haha!!

Raime is doing SOOOO good!!! At the star of the week he got down on his knees and said a prayer to know if the BOM is true!!! we met with him the next day all ready to throw down! but his room mate (40yr old black fat guy who has been in Ukr for 16 years) came in and started saying all the classics “YOUR A CULT!” “You pray to joseph smith not jesus christ!!!” Everything you do is a LIE!!” and my favorite “YOUR REALLY THE CIA COMING TO KILL ALL OF US BLACKS”  as you could guess it got very heated and the spirit was sucked out like a vacume. :( he kinda had the floor for awhile not letting us talk but i saw the look on Raimes face and he looked SOOO upset.

i was crushed. we stood up and testified of the book of mormon as simply as he would let us. nothing would work on this man. We asked if he really thought we were CIA and he said “i am 567% 678% sure you are. i know you!!!. HAHA!!! i wish we could have it on camara this is what we said…. elder peet “im a farmer man…” Me” i just got done with high school!”  hahah it was so funny!! but after we got him to leave the room we asked Raime how he felt and he said” I feel as if the spirit of the lord is gone…”
HE IS SOO MONEY!! he is doing great!! :D

Our GREAT friend celestine just walked into the e-net club and he says hi! lol we have been working with him a ton!!!! he is a member but forgot everything! wword of wisdom problems and all! so our lats visit we said if he will give us all his chai and drinks right now we will come over this week and make tacos and brownies with him!!! haha so he did it and he took his stuff out to the trash!!!!!!! it was great! (he is the one teaching us peagon english) i can pretty much speak like a black man now.

As for our russian investigators we are SO blessed!!! we have a great teaching pool and get some good lessons!!! we tired to pout Bitalik on date last night but he is not ready but he is SUCH a good GUY!!!
we had 2 or our investigators show up at church (ivan and alexander) they loved it!!! alex brought us home made hunny and sdaid thanks for all you guys have been doing for me :D that was awesome!! so all of our investigators are going GREAT!!!!! everything is still good for raimes baptism! :D :D

ITS BEEN SOOOOOOO COLD!!! i just got a email from pres and it said that 122 people have died the past 2 weeks due to the cold!!! :0 its not all that bad i dont think… i mean yeah i hate it, but to die?….idk about that haha, but i cant deny that it happend i guess lol.  There was 1 of those 122 people who died right next to our house!!!!! we saw them praying and taking the body away!! but at least our nose doesnt run like a waterfall anymore….your whole sinus cavity freezes over instead ;D the pres also sent out a huge this of vit D….he is crazy about it. i thought you would like that mom lolo :D

The other night my testimony of the lord love for me was boosted SOOO much!! I have been praying for his help to know where to go on the streets as of late and the other night we were in a dark place by all the doms finding some less actives…. all of a sudden my heart stopped and i felt the most fear i have ever felt! it was like all the fear of watching paranormal 2 in a flash of 5 seconds. i had SUCH a strong feeling to not go up the street and turn around. i could see nothing up the street but of course i listened and said we need to leave…nothing cray happened after and thats a good thing!!! haha i dont know what would have happend but im thankful my father was watching over me.

SO after all my years of wanting a chinese friend…the day has come…..ZHEN! is a less active member we found who live way out of town! he grew up in china (of course) and is going to school here.  we hit it off like 2 school girls! he is SO awesome! he LOVES basketball and filled me in and some news! (im not sure he knows what he is talking about but its still nice) we meet with him like 2 times a week! he has such strong faith!!! and he is SOOO fun to talk to he is a hoot!!

(BTW dad i want a NBA update…its time…)

the work is going great! my love for the savior is so strong!! im soooooo glad to hear ty and cole are going to leave soon!!!

btw im going to tell the truth…….you guys need to wirte me. meaning my family. i have no idea what your doing with life!! i never get any emails or letters! just short little blips. i miss you guys and love you!!! i wanna hear from ya!
much love Elder lambert

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