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Week #7 MTC Email

Wednesday, November 16th, 2011

GOOOD MORNING!!!! This week has been GREAT!  Lots of awesome lessons and Russian classes!!!

I feel like bearing my testimony is such a weak way to describe how I feel.  I dont really know what happend this week, nothing really big happend, but idk….being in the MTC for a month had been one of the coolest things I have ever done.  To feel the Holy Ghost in your life soooo much where you dont EVER make a choice without feeling it or asking God first has changed me a ton.  Personal revelation is by far the best thing about the MTC.  No joke, it’s like every 5 min your life just changed again!  I really am loving it!

I still need to get out of this place, but loving it! ;) haha   Don’t worry about my bike.  Tanner Droubay has it.  About 4 weeks before I left he needed it for some biking badge.  It’s just a bike :)   I’m glad to hear everything is going good at home! I reaaaaaaaly miss my family!  haha IDK, I feel like I never treated you guys as good as I should have and now its been really hitting me in the face! But mom, dad, Alyssa, Joe, Collin, twins, I LOVE YOU!!
Dad the guys name who talked to us was Brother Atkins I think???  VERY awesome talk, and last night Tad R. Callister from the Pres. of the 70s came and talked about the Great Apostasy and VERY long awesome talk……cut short, he talked about proof that it happend and then how America became a crazy place for blood shed and wars and God raised up great men to make the Constitution so the gosple could be restored again.  GREAT TALK and district meeting after!  All we talked about was the constitution and the blessings it has brought us!!  Don’t EVER feel like you have fallen short on teaching me this stuff!!  It’s starting to stick reaaaalllll good here in the MTC!  We talked about how free agency and the Constitution are center to the plan of salvation, and me and my companion tought our investigator about that!!  It was sooooo great!  The whole lesson was about satan and all that good stuff and виктор LOVED it! Very good lesson :)

We talk about the SIS!! YO! Life is great. I’m sorry about the boys not sleeping haha! and let me know ASAP about collin okay!  I know whatever happens it will be for the best! :) Haha, thats awesome that devy worked with ya!  Thanks sooo much for taking care of her :)  Let her know how much I love her aiiiight???  Goshhh i miss just chilling at the house with you and the boys!!!!! ahhh the boys….I can’t talk about them, lol.
thanks for the shoes and meds mom and alyssa!!! :) love it. and yeah I got a BOMB gift box from Ellen and Joe and wohahhh! there was some AMAZING stuff in there! I love that girl!!  LOL.  I’m gonna write her and Joew a letter today!! hahah! Devy put the diapers on backwards??? HA~!!! so classic :)  I’m SO glad you are saying prayers and taking the gospel so serious…it…is….real. haha :) Like no joke, if you put in 100 % of your life. It’s sooo crazy how much you really see ya know??  There is this whole secret part of the gospel I feel like no one knows about!!! ahhh i love it sosososososososoooo much!!!!!  I’m always SO excited to wake up in the morning and get to work!  ALLLLways remember this okay?   There are 2 kinds of members of the church, 1st are the ones who live the gospel and follow all the commandment and live a really good life ya know?  They do nothing wrong really and enjoy going to church! GREAT LIFE! 2nd is something I didn’t know how to get, and I never really saw it untill I met my teacher brat (russian)  Richardson!  It’s the same as the 1st but there is one BIG difference….BIG…. and that’s what I have been feeling at the MTC.  People in the 1st follow and live the gospel and do EVERYTHING right but (!!) they build there life and make choices on thier own.  People in the 2nd build and make choices the way God wants them to.  It’s NEVER easy, but when you step down and let God take a chip at your life, you will be blown away at how much your life can change for the good and how much personal revelation you will get! AHHHHHH!  I just want to explode sometimes, I want you guys to feel this sooooo bad!!!! It’s just like Lehis dream!  When I reeeeaaaallly took a bite of the fruit, the first thing I wanted is to share it with my family!! and people of the world (ukraine) AGH!!!   PLEAse! try and live your life the way God wants you to, and you CAN NOT know how unless you get down and you ask him for a vision of what you are suppost to do! and really let him know that everything is done by his will and you will follow no matter what!! AHH!
I wish I had more time! Email SUCKS lol!  I could type all day!!!!! I’m sorry but I gotta go!!! I love you all SOO much!!!!!!!

THanks so much for the shoes! andddddd pretty soon if you could send a small ipod with Wet wild, ALLLLLLL of the Zelda video game sound tracks (windwajker fo sho) and some other great soft up lifting music that would be AWESOME!!! i talked to the zone leaders and they are cool with it! i will just have to wait a few weeks its hard to explain! but just WETWILD and aweomse soft music!!!! ZELDA!!!! AVATAR you know stuff thats awesome!! lol Thanks for Rachel’s address.

LOVE you and LOVVVVVVEEEEEE you hear from you guys! I’m doing great and love the work! Have a kick butt week!!! :))))))

Let me know if you want to know anything? idk what i mean by that but…yeah….let me know haha.  I feel like I run out of stuff to talk about ;)

Week #6 MTC

Wednesday, November 9th, 2011

HELLLO!!!!!  So I forgot to bring your “dearelder” with me so I know what to say….sorry!!  I’ll try and think hard!

This week has been really crazy and really great!!!  I was called to be the new District leader on Sunday, so that was pretty sweet!

I wanna talk about what’s been going down a lot in the MTC.  There are so many kids who come to the MTC who are not worthy or don’t have a testimony and are hoping to gain one here.  I could go on for hours about this, but I don’t understand, because I thought when you get to the MTC they give you a big “worthy” talk and all that ya know??  I have been here for 6 weeks now and last night was our first one, and it was just a random guy from the 70, so it was not MTC planned or anything.  I don’t get it.  I have seen elders being pulled down by the weight of their sins and how much they hurt inside.  BE WORTHY….end of story, and one thing I don’t think they talked enough about back home is getting a testimony before you get out here!!  There are kids here who say they don’t even know for sure if Joseph Smith really saw god.  WHAT!?  A testimony of the restoration of the gospel HAS to be the foundation of everything!  If  not, you are just like all the other great Christian people out in the world.  Believe it or not, people believe in Christ!  People send out missionaries!  People know they have to repent!  There are tons of great people out there, but the only thing that is setting us apart is the truth of the restoration.   That HAS to be something you know before you get out here!

Russian is going okay.  It’s still crazy hard, but its coming along! :) I LOVEEEE THE POSTER YOU SENT ME!!!! Best thing ever!!!  It made me sooo happy you have no idea! Haha.  That night at fireside we sang that Army of Helaman song, and when it talked about being born of goodly parents, I started to bawl!!  Now whenever we sing that song everyone looks at me and laughs at me!! :(    haha!  Imiss you guys soooo much!!!

A Russian house maid????? WHAHHHH!>??  That’s super cool though ahah!!   Alyssa!!! I have been thinking about you soooooooooo much!!!!!  I miss you.   I wish I could come play with the boys!!!!!! You’re the best sister in the world!!!!  I hear you got a jeep??  No way!!!!  that’s so cool!!!!!  I’m glad to hear everything worked out with all that money stuff!!! :)

Well, I’m halfway done with spiritual prison (MTC) and it’s feeling great!!!  I cant wait to fly away!!  I cant wait to see pics of the new deck!!!  I bet it looks great!!  DAD!!! the head legal guy for the church came and talked to us about communism and free agency!!  Best talk so far I think!  You would have loved it!!!  We talked about Alma and Captain  Moroni and all that good scripture stuff!!!!

Me and my companion are starting to get along now! Whheew!  It’s been a lonnnggg 6 weeks but its over soon ;)

Hmmmmmm oh yeah!!  Thanks SOOOOO much for the camera!!! Best thing ever!!!!  I’m taking pictures every second!!!!!  Me and Elder Flitton are the MTC 4 square kings.  No joke we kick soooo much trash!  At night we get together and talk out our new game plan!!

I’m glad the family is doing good and everyone is staying so fresh and having babies! LOL!

I’m pushing through and I’m soooooo close to being out of here, I love it!!!!!  Hahaha

if you could send me my colorful Nike ID shoes from my room I would LOVE it!  I hate wearing b-ball shoes everywhere!

Feel free to send me stuff ;)  Nothing makes the day better than goods!

Gosh, I wish I brought that letter, I know there is more I have to say!  Gahh!!   You guys should all be reading your scriptures remember! and pray (on your knees) every night as a family.  The temple was greeatttttt today! and my teacher and some of the other elders helped me out with those questions I had!! :D   I am 85% sure we are going to go to Ukraine in Dec. as planned.  It’s looking really good!  I just want to leave….end of story.   It’s awesome here, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything but…. yeah , LOL!

Everything is going good! PLEASE!!! pray for me! I need a ton of help with Russian.  It’s really getting me down some days!  I know it will be okay,  but still!!

Well, I’m out of time!  I LOVE YOU MOM,DAD, ALYSSA, JOE, COLLIN, RURU, JAX!!!!!

You guys mean everything to me!!!

ALYSSA! Write me a letter. now. <3

Week 5 MTC Letter!

Wednesday, November 2nd, 2011

November 2, 2011
Thanks SOOO much for the Halloween box! I was in need of some lovin! This week has been really good, just learning a ton and hanging out getting ready to gogogo!!!! It sounds like me and Holmes will be okay with our visas!!!! We stop in DC for 3 hours :) then some crazy play on the other side of the world that I cant remember at this time for 2 hours, then UKRAINE!! It’s gonna be soo swesh!
I guess in Ukraine some crazy crap has been going down! Someone poisoned their president and now they are fighting over visa rights and who gets to control them, sooo yeah we just had to sign this thing to get ours updated!! But it sounds like we will have to do the 90 day visa thing, which I am PUMPED about, cuz we get to go on awesome trips every 3 months!!!! (Mom here: The new rule until the fix it means visas are only good for 90 days and then they must leave the country for something like 48 or 72 hours before they renew and can come back in.)

Russian is still blowing my mind. We have been working on cases and grammar the past 4 weeks and blehhh its NUTS! They have 0 word placement….like if I said, “lets go to the barn and play,” you could say “Let’s barn go play” BLEH! and they have 6 different cases and like 110 special cases SDFgnaifvubasdlkcvubadiu32890r7!!!!! It makes me wanna die! But I’m still learning and having fun with it!!

Our roommates moved out yesterday, soo it’s just me and the german for a week till we get the new kids!! It’s nice though, cuz I have my own desk now!!!! “move on up!!” The temple was AWESOME today. I loved every second of it!! I hope you guys are still praying and reading your scriptures! No joke. you better be. ;)

I thought of dad when I was reading the 1st chapter of Alma!! You should read it dad, it’s pretty great! Just all the leader stuff Mosiah and alma talk about is great!!! How to be a good king I guess you could say??]

Christmas boxes! Ummmm I really don’t know. it would be fine if I got it in the MTC, cuz its always good to get a pick me up here, but idk, it’s really up to you! surprise me!!!! (Mom: We have decided to send on ahead to Ukraine and act as if.)  Oh, and idk what to do cuz the camera I got takes way blurry pictures all the time, like if I take a pic of a mountain it looks like poopoo! and I’m guessing Ukraine is gonna be beautiful!!! Halloween sucked lol….that’s about it.

No life changing talks this week! We did have a member of the 70s come and that was tight!! Basketball is going great! and they are gonna open a new weight room soon :)!!!!!

Alyssa! that’s so awesome that Devy came over!! you have NOOOOO idea how happy that makes me!!!!! (Mom: Chase makes Devyn sound like some charity case, good grief!!! We LOVE you Devyn!!) and omggg you got her a job!!!! I LOVVvE YOU!!!! You are really the best sister ever!!!!!!!!!!!! Keep me updated on Collins army stuff!! All will be well!!! I miss Collin and the boys sooooo much!!!!! and yeah I read my “p” blessing every night!!!! lol!! I LOVVVEEEEEEEEEEEEEE it! It helps so much with day to day life! and you should send me stuff to play with! like idk… a yoyo, some magnets, I’m pretty boring. :D

I miss my music SOOOOO BAD!!!!!!! I’m pretty sure I’m going to go to hell, cuz today after my awesome temple day I sat in there and wrote a song…..:) its really good though!! If you could SEND ME A SMALL IPOD WITH ALL GREYBEAR AND WETWILD on it I will love you guys!!! I wanna show Elder Holmes and Latamir Ochen bad!!! As for the 14 shirts, save them!! I will need them sometime foshoo!!

I hope home life is going good and you guys are not getting too stressed with work and other worries!!! ALWAYS take some time and sit back and relax to remember to feel the spirit and maybe just have a nice talk with someone!! One thing I have learned here is how to work hard and play hard!!! Always remember what life is really about!!! We are not here to be stressed everyday. We are here for our own happiness!!!

Our investigators are going way good!!! It’s hard to plan for the lessons…. but the turn out in always great!!! (MOM: Keeping in mind they are teaching each other in pretend situations, so the turn out BETTER be good!) Singing in Russian is SOOOOOO fun!!!! Whenever I’m being a bad missionary and slacking off I translate Passion Pit and Star____ songs into Russian! It’s SIIICKKKK!!! But really, the hymns are SO beautiful in Russian! I could sing them all day!!
It’s starting to get SUPPPPER cold down here how is it up in T town??? My coat is SOOO bomb. It keeps me so warm!!

I think about my family and friends everyday!! and ALWAYS pray for you guys!!! you guys mean sooooo much to me!

Mom and dad you are the best parents EVER! I don’t know how any other parents can teach there kids! you taught me SOOOO well. I’m so thankful for you guys!!! Send me some family pics sooon!!! I have not received this picture thing you speak of, soo maybe that will do?

Well I’m almost out of time and my hands are cramping up!! Everything is going great and I cant wait to get out of here!!!

We are all giddy to get on a airplane lol! We forgot what real life is like already! Seeing people will be the best thing ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I hear there is Mormon talk with the mitt Romney? Is this true?… if Mormons are Christian or not?….. idk some dude just talked about it.

AHH!!!! 10 seconds left!!!! Peace out, love you guys!!!! :)

TEMPLE  Questions!
SOooo blehh, I don’t have time to ask, but maybe go to the temple this week so you are refreshed on things and I’ll ask next week. I got lots!!!!!! :) you know how that goes.

I wanna hear how Joe is doing!!!! Tell him to hit me up when he has time!!!!! I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!