October, 2011

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Wednesday, October 26th, 2011

HELLO!!!! Nope, I dont need any razors cuz I shave like a real man now….with cream. It’s pretty awesome.

We go to the temple at ______, but don’t you dare come to Provo!!!! (Mom here: I left this blank so no one else is tempted,  Of COURSE I wasn’t thinking of going to THAT temple, I told him that!  just A temple!!!! OK, back to Chase) that would suck. For real.

This week has been the same as all the others, haha! Russian is CRAZY hard, and I get sooo stressed sometimes!

Me and my companion are getting along great! Our district is SO fun, haha.  So, all the Ukraine elders who where gonna leave this monday didn’t get visas, I think 16 of them didn’t….sooo! There is no way of telling what’s gonna happen to me, but i’ll keep you posted! I still have 8 weeks of jail time anyways, so I might be good! If it does happen, I just spend 6 weeks in the states then fly away!! (Mom here:  Funny how this has gone from the worst crisis he could imagine to a kind of…non issue!)

My testimony of the Book of Mormon has been getting SOOO strong! We have these reading nights together and, holy cow!  The spirit is soooo strong! Not only is the Book of Mormon the key stone of our religion, it’s the key stone of my testimony! And…it’s solid as a rock!!!!

I’m not gonna lie the MTC SUCKS! haha.  But, I’m having the time of my life!! I have already made friends who I’ll hang out with as soon as I get home.  It’s crazy!!! I would reallllllly like it if you sent some awesome ties my way :) My grey lamma tie and my yellow Harry Potter tie from my dresser!!! :) anddddd whatever else you can snag! It’s pretty sad when the only thing that changes in your look is your tie….but it’s whatcha gotta do!

omg I miss music SOOOO much!!! I already have 3 new songs written down and locked away lol! I love it.

Our district is singing in Sacrament this week in Russian! It’s awesome! It sounds soooo tight!!!!

I miss you guys SOOO much!! I love you all!! I don’t have any crazy stories this week! All I did really was play basketball and learn learn, learn!!! which is a good thing!! :)   How is everything at the house?? Devy said the backyard looks good??? I hope you are all having fun!!! I LOVE my mission so far and I cant wait to get out of this place!!! We get new elders in our room soon, so we are now the “old guys”…it’s pretty awesome!! Tell Jerry to email me or somethin….I wanna hear from him!!!!!

Gosh, I wish I had more to tell you guys. This week was pretty…meh!  Let me know if you wanna know anything!!!  AND I LOVE letters so write me when ev!

(To Alyssa and Joe) I can’t tell you how much I’m loving all this!!!! Best choice I have ever made!!!!!!!

Week #3 Email MTC

Wednesday, October 19th, 2011

HEY TUrhhhh! Sooo lets see….. yesterday Richard G. Scott came and talked to us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was SO insane, the spirit was SO strong! He just talked about Mission stuff and getting married…. AND not “hanging out.”  Scott has been right all along I guess !! ;)

It was soo amazing, we all cried our hearts out, haha.  Ummmmmm nothing much really, just lots of Russian!! (note from mom: in reference to their pretend discussions here) We got another investigater to be baptized and the other won’t let us in his house…. bleh.  We got in the other night and got him to pray so that was a big step!!!

Me and my companion had our first melt down.  IDK if I already said this, but whatevs…. we just went at it in class cuz I thought his pride was getting in the way of things, and he thought I was not smart so…. you could guess how I took that.   We worked it out, and I’m still living, but I cant say he’s my bestfriend in the world.  Our district is AWESOME!!!!! I do know Elder Holmes BTW mom, he is a hooot!!

We have SO much fun! Everyday we always laugh till we cry! Most days here suck, I’m not gonna lie.  We do the same thing all day everyday, so its old.  We all can’t wait to get out in the field, its gonna be nuts!!!  We do not only teach people and their needs that is false what you heard about the new program, and no missionary should be teaching principles.  We teach Strict Docterine and then we apply the docterine to their needs.

Very simple. Tell christopher that he should just be glad to get people who want to go as far as baptism.  In Ukraine and Russia, missionaries get about 1 or 2 for the whole 2 years and lots of the time 0…..but as long as he keeps planting seeds, he is doing the write thing! I’m sure he knows a ton more than me anyways haha.

Basketball here is SOO fun!  My whole day leads up to ball! I hope whatever is going down with Alyssa is good! (referring to her surgery).  Sorry the babies are sick.  I miss them like crazy!!! I had a stong thought the other night,…

I got the feeling that the family back home (mom,dad,alyssa,collin and boys) should be having family prayer EVERY night and personal prayer as well.   Make time for it and do it. Please! And none of this, “I’ll get under the covers and say it while I’m laying in bed snizzy.” Get down on your knees and really pray together.  I think this is something our family has needed for awhile.  Scripture study as well!!!  If you make time for the lord, He won’t let you down….. so DO IT! :D

I love you guys SO much and miss home more than you know!!

It’s best if people Dearelder me before Wednesday, cuz if I get it after Wed, I can’t write back for another week :/

Tell the Droubay’s i miss and love them! Jojo thanks for the letter!! I miss Landon and Tanner and Lindsay and Dalton!!!! :( you guys are my family! I CANT WAIT for landon to get out here!  It is SO amazing.

Tell devy I miss and love her!

wiskers 2 :)

Peace out till next week.  Thanks foreverything!!!!!

OH yeah! I have been writting in my journal…and hate it. SO, I had the grand idea of making my own scriptures! So like I’m making the Book of Lambert right now and it’s all about my MTC life, and then whereever I’m at in my mission will be the book name, so like, The Book of Donetsk. haha!  It’s SO sick!  I write like Nephi and stuff.  It’s gonna be SO awesome after 2 years.  I’ll send some pics later on of what it looks like! If anyone hates to write in their journals, I would do this, cuz its freaking sick! I have verses and chapters!  Haha its swesh.

Love ya! Hope you are all having the time of your lives!!! Dont waste any time!

Week #2 MTC Letter

Wednesday, October 12th, 2011

HELLO!!! thanks for the toothbrush and stuff!! This week has been pretty awesome!

We have to TRCs tonight :( its where we knock on doors and try and give the first lesson! Ugh it’s gonna be hard! My Russian is sucking, but I’m still keeping my head up. Brother Richardson helps me out a TON!!! idk if I told you but our investigator said she would be baptized, LOL! It’s all fake but it still felt good saying it all in Russian!!!!  I’m SUPER sick of the food now. I swear everything is just blowing right through me….ha-ha! I sent home some pictures so I hope you like what you see!!!! We went to the temple today and it was SOOOO amazing! I could live there, no joke. Been playing lots of basketball. It’s soooo much fun here! I wish we had more gym time, it SUCKS! We just sit and eat all day, ha-ha!

Our district is VERY close, and we have such a good time!! All of our leaders are so cool and I have learned SO much from them. I have been reading the book of Mormon in Russian and I think I’m half way into 1st Nephi chap 1! LOL! It’ss SOOO HARD! I’m learning super slow but I think its getting better day by day! The power of prayer out here is so insane! I cant even tell you how many times I pray in a day its nuts!! I hope family and friends are all doing well!!! I miss all you guys SOOOO much!!!

I cant tell time anymore……I never see the sun, so no joke, the past 2 days I didn’t know where we were in the week!! It sucks cuz I guess there is no music in the MTC :( I am going to die if I don’t get to listen soon! I hope in Ukraine we get to!!!!! Everyday is the same pretty much, ha-ha, super crazy and LOTS of work but I loooovvveeeeee it!!!  We have such a good time!!!!
There are lots of funny elders in here! All the chinese kids crack me up!! and I have seen 4 kids from school! It’s pretty sweet when we see each other….”No wayy doode!!! no way!!!”
its a good time.

Sister Beck the Relief Society President came and talked to us about getting married in the temple and missionary work, and when I was not sleeping it was super good!!!! ha-ha. I cant wait to get married in the temple someday! Wednesday temple trips make the week soooo much better!!! I love it!! We have so many good talks here, its hard to list them all! I have learned soooo much and feel if I came home now I would be a whole new person to you guys!!!!

I hope Wiskers is doing good, I miss Zoë a ton!!!!! I cant wait to see all you guys in 24 months LOL!!! I forgot what sunlight looks like, and its killing me…..the smell of fresh air and a cool breeze!! All I get here is farts and neon lights and fans blowing B. O. around the room! Really, its sick….like 3 farts have about killed me while writing this email :(

I hope you guys are having fun!!!! I am having the time of my life (some days)!!! I Love you guys SOSOSOSOOO much and miss mom and dad like crazy!!!

Russian is freaking insane, like. wow. I don’t know what I got myself into!!!!! and I love it.

MOM: thanks for doing the blog and stuff!! feel free to post allllllll of my letters! if there is something I don’t want I will tell you!!
I hope you get the pics I sent in the mail soon!!! Tell the twins I love them! and tell Alyssa to send my all the deets about devyn! :) I love it!! Tell her to try and get juicy stuff out of her, LOL! She knows what to do… ;)

Dad: I have been thinking about you a lot!! I miss you like crazy! I really want to play some ball right about now!! You would love it! its nuts how much we talk about free agency and TONS of lessons and talks and scriptures about freedom! just wanted to let you know how much I miss you! Thanks for being such a killer dad! :)

Letter #2 (Email)

Wednesday, October 5th, 2011


MTC is so awesome! My Russian is prime! Me and my companion are asking our fake investigator if she will be baptized in Russian today!

Its really crazy here. There is soooo much to tell you! Did you get my first letter? I hope so cuz it gives you the deets of my mission…kinda.

We went to the temple today, and it was really really awesome! I LOVE our Russian teacher Brat Richardson. He is super nice and helps us all with our problems 1 on 1. This week we are just reading, reading, reading…. and I’m pretty sure thats what ill be doing for the next 10 weeks! But, we are not the ‘noob’ missionaries anymore….we know wuzz up!

My district is SO awesome. It’s only 6 guys, and we are like family already! The food is SO bomb! I would like to let dad know that I pretty much kick gosple butt in MTC ball!! I kinda messed my ankle up yesterday, but all is well!!

Me and my companion have our ups and downs…like yesterday, he got mad at me and it was just a poopie day, but it always gets worked out before we sleep!! There is a ton of crazy ‘Elder drama,’ like kids going home and sick kids and whatevs…. its awesome…..kinda. Chad Louis from BYU and the NFL came and talked to us on Tuesday, and it was reallllyyy awesome. It got me so pumped to get out in the field! Me and logan got to hang out a ton, ‘cuz he lives in my same building, sooo its tight. Pretty much love it here, but I’m sure it will get old soon haha!) We do the same thing everyday! But, I’m glad I got lots of friends to have some fun with!

I need mom to send me some shizzy ASAP!
Im sorry… I know, you were right and I was wrong but….
1 MORE PAIR OF Gs M top and Sshort bottom
all 3 of lord of the rings albums
Best of Enya
Kirkmount cd by recordplayer
any church music NO MOTAB
The song from the titanic (my heart will go on)
Anything you can think of.

I hope all with the family is going goood!!! I will probably email this time every wednesday.

Tell devyn i LOVE HER! haha

Feed the cat!

I wish i could speak russian to you right now, its sooo sweet! I can pray and tell the story of Joseph Smith and ask people to be baptized like it says in preach my gospel!

It’s really fun and I miss and love you guys. Let me know if there is anything you want to know about whats going on!!

My fav scripture is Alma 37:36-37

Our room is super small, and i think my smell is getting tons better….or the MTC just smells like balls…..ALL THE TIME.

Make sure you hang out with devy when you can! Sorry the end of this email is just random stuff, I’m just writing what comes to me…
Shaylin wrote me a hate letter already! :-) Ummmm make sure you let everyone know that Dearelder.com is THE BOMB!! I get it the day they write it, soooo its really fun to get letters.

Me and elder Zacherl reaaaalllly want some cinnimon rolls :) Like homemade big ones!

The extra slacks are super tight :( like the first day i put them on they hurt so i am wearing my suit pants all the time idk if thats okay?/?

Peace out!!!! love you guys!!

PS: I will be sending some pics sooon!! They have a cool print out thingy here! i just want to get some more before I send them!! Tell me if I’m fat…..JK! I’m on the captain moroni work out, so im super fit…

Ps:Ps: Tell devyn that I can send letters anytime I want to, so they might just start coming at random!!!! I send them whenever i have time. Make sure she is on the straight and narrow path! I’m out of time for real now c’ya next week!!!!

First 2 days in the MTC (letter #1)

Wednesday, October 5th, 2011

Dear Mom and Dad:

I made it through my first day in the MTC and I LOVED IT!! I saw Logan as soon as I walked in, and we got to talk for a bit. It was so awesome!

My companion is straight from Germany! He is super buff and about my height. He speaks good English, but I still have to help him a lot. He is kind of a tool, but I think I’ll grow to love him.

The lessons we had are so crazy! Not 1 word of English was said! I now have a 1 word vocabulary which is Старейшина Lambert (pronounced Staryeĭshina Lambert from Mom) which is Elder Lambert. So far this place is SO awesome! I don’t know how I feel about my companion yet….I will get back to you on that. LOL!

Well, I’m sorry it’s so short. They gave us like 15 minutes to tell you I’m okay.

I’ll write more next week for sure! I love you and lights out, good night!

Day 2!!!!!!

I love it here! Me and Старейшина Zachrel are getting along great! You say his name with the classic German ‘barf sound’ :-)

Logan lives in my same building, so I see him ALL the time. I love it!

Today we are learning about how to teach by the Holy Spirit. It’s been amazing, and the Spirit is so strong. Someone is called as ‘district leader’ tonight, so cross your fingers. ;-)

I hope all with Alyssa is going well. Tell them I love them! Sorry I am out of time, but I love you and thanks for the help!


PS. I can only read letters Monday night, so let’s try and not have our letters cross over so we are having 2 different talks. :-)

GREAT little documentary on life in the Mission Training Center

Sunday, October 2nd, 2011

Ever wonder what goes on inside the Mission Training Center? KSL did an awesome little documentary that gives a really good picture on what goes on from the drop off through their day to day life there. It’s amazing what they can do with languages there in 3 short months. It made me feel better too to kind of “see” what a day in the life is like:


Letter from MTC Branch President (Chase’s temp congregation there)

Sunday, October 2nd, 2011

MTC Tenth Branch
Missionary Training Center
Provo, Utah

 Dear Missionary Parents,

We are very happy to welcome your missionary to the MTC this week.  As a Branch Presidency, with our wives, we will do our best to help your missionary receive the most positive experience possible while here at this great learning center.  We are with our missionaries three or four times each week, participating with them in meetings, interviewing them regularly, etc. and are always available to them by telephone.

As important as the MTC is as a language training center, it is equally important as a center of transition from life as a young adult to life as a missionary.  In that regard, there are several ways in which you, as family, can help your missionary and us in making this transition.

The MTC is a very structured environment and there seem to be rules for everything.  These rules, however, came about over years of experience and are designed to help missionaries make this transition from the world to being a representative of God.  For example, missionaries’ communication with the “real world” is limited.  He or she may email family once each week on preparation day.  “Family” includes parents, grandparents and siblings.  Communication with everyone else is limited to regular mail.  All communication to your missionary should be uplifting and encouraging and should focus on his or her service.  Bringing your missionary up to date on such things as “who is playing in the Super Bowl”, “what’s happening at the local high school”, “what their friends at home are doing”, etc., can be very distracting and cause a missionary to lose the focus he or she worked so hard to acquire. Packages from home are always nice, but when sent too frequently, can also be a distraction and, at times, an embarrassment for the missionary who is receiving two or three packages a week while no one else in the district receives more than one and many, none.   Perhaps one of the most serious distractions occurs when a friend or family member of this missionary attempts to make personal contact with him or her during the missionaries’ weekly visit to the temple or at any other time or place while the missionary is at the MTC. 

Missionaries are taught all of these practices as they arrive at the MTC.  They want to be obedient.  Many times well intentioned family and friends not only encourage a missionary to disobey a rule, but, almost mandate disobedience.  I have found that this conduct, generally, is a result of lack of understanding the rules rather than an attempt to have a missionary deliberately violate a rule.  That is the primary intent of this letter, to assist you in understanding the parameters of missionary life so you can assist your missionary in every way in his or her desire to obey with exactness.  Small deviations in these matters by parents and others can lead to much larger and more significant aberrations in the missionary’s behavior and the resulting loss of blessings.

Additionally, missionaries have very strict parameters on what they read, listen to and watch – both at the MTC and in their field of service.  For example, the missionary handbook defines a very narrow approved reading list for all missionaries.  Missionaries are often sent reading material from others that, even though well intentioned, is not approved for missionaries.  No music is allowed at the MTC.  Most missions allow some limited music and some even allow limited viewing of certain approved movies, but each mission is different.  It is best to wait until your missionary receives specific directions from his or her mission president before purchasing and sending any of these items.

We promise that we will love your missionary and do our best to serve him or her.  Our experience, both at the MTC and while serving in Russia, is that the Lord sends only His best and most obedient to that part of the world.  We look forward to this exciting experience for your missionary and for you.


Tenth Branch Presidency
Michael A. Harrison
Branch President

Preparation day for our branch at the MTC is Wednesday.  You should receive your initial email from your missionary then.