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Entering the MTC

Thursday, September 29th, 2011

We just dropped Chase off at the Missionary Training Center in Provo.  We got there a bit early, so stopped at McDonaald’s for a drink. It must be the favorite “last stop’ of missionaries, as we saw others grabbing their last Big Macs. Chase was nervous, but so excited to just get going!!! The new drop off procedure is kind of like getting a bandaid ripped off quickly, but it really is much more merciful to everyone. You could feel the excitement build as we entered the campus and saw all the other missionaries obviously not lost and confused, but being led by groups of other kids their age with their luggage off to get settled in. I think the sight really put Chase at ease.  There are a million older volunteers directing cars to numbered spots on the curb, where two “seasoned” kids (a few weeks or so) open the doors, help with the luggage and tell the missionary to have a quick goodbye. They were super nice, and Chase definitely relaxed seeing other missionaries who had been there awhile…..and seemed really happy!  The goodbye happened pretty quickly. One big last hug and……there he went. We were immediately on our way.  There is even a sign as you leave the line of cars directing you back to I-15.  We drove for awhile with me bawling for a long time.  John was mostly really quiet, as we soaked in a million different emotions.  Can’t imagine how many different emotions the MISSIONARIES must feel that first hour or so.  I forgot how hard this is, but as the first hour has passed, I am remembering how calming it is to know that your 19 year old son is truly in the hands of the Lord for 2 years. Ukraine and the Russian language will be quite an adventure. I have no doubt he is up to the task, and the fun now begins. Hoping to hear from him on that first preparation day.  I hope he has also been able to bump into Logan Idom.  That will make both of them feel great if they can see each other before Logan leaves shortly after the weekend.    Hopefully you won’t hear more from me, and the next entry will be from Elder Lambert.  :-)

MTC Week!

Thursday, September 22nd, 2011

Chase enters the MTC this week.  Please visit the Mission Info page for his MTC mailing address.  More posts to come as soon as we start getting letters!