Ukraine Week #29 Gorlovka Week #1

Written by clambert on July 16th, 2012

HELLO! so i am now serving in Gorlovka with elder hodgson ZL!!!!! its SOO SICK! and guess what???!!!! my district is my whole MTC group!!! elder zacherl, holmes and wood!

its NUTS! elder hodgson is like the best russian speaker in the mission so its gonna be sooososososooo sick.

Well the past week has been crazy with moving and everything! but in the past 3 days in gorlovka we have had like 6 lessons! the people down here are SO much cooler!

everyone just talkes to you on the streets and idk… its just great. i kinnda forgot how to teach though so i feel like a greenie again…. thats pretty much life i guess.. you get to master something really good then the lord kicks your butt and your at the bottom of the pole once again. its hpow we grow!

yesterday we had a interesting lesson! it was with a Ukrainian, communist, mormon.

super cool and crazy lol. the communist party had been in town and there are huge parties and billboards all over the place! people eat it up here! I heard this one story that will make ya sick!

One time in a 3th grade school (in the time of lenin) the teacher asked all the kids to pray to god to give them chocolate! all the kids ATE IT UP! they were all praying their hearts out asking GOD for some chocolate….

after they got done praying their little hearts out to the “one and only god” the teacher asked “where is your chocolate?” the kids didnt know how to answer!

The teacher then said “this time lets try and pray to lenin for chocolate!”

the kids all pumped up prayed again and a bunch of new teachers came into the room with boxes of chocolate.

its pretty nuts! all this CCCP stuff over here! cuz i grew up knowing its pure evil but everyone here talks about them like it was ZION!

well some notes i took from a talk and some studies…

So you think about and plan for what you want to become?

when you start your mission you concluded one phase of your life and began another. you cant go back. you are 100% responsible for what you will do and who you will become.

1-your life is ahead of you what are you going to do with it?

2-what will be your greatest work? greatest creation?

Your greatest work and creation is and ever will be YOU!

what personality will you have? strenghts? knowledge? character? emotional state? presence? qualities and virtues? what will you look like? sound like? what will it be like around you? WHO WILL YOU BE?

we plan for many thing in this life but have you planned your greatest work? have you envisioned who you will become? do you plan for what kind of person you want to be?

can you see in your mind who you want to be?

People sometimes exuse their failures and weaknesses by saying “thats just the way i am” “im just impatiant” “thats my nature” or “im just shy. its who i am”

TO believe that weaknesses and deficiencies in your character are unchangable is to reject the central truth of the plan of salvation. YOU ARE NOT CAST IN STONE.

you not only can change but you change all the time! you can never stand still.

right now you are the sum total of what you have thought, said, seen, and done. what you think, say, do, hear, and see cause you to change.

“what manner of men ought ye to be?

even as i am”    - jesus christ.

just thought i would share a little thought for you guys!!! think about it! iu had nothing else to write about lol! THANKS SO MUCH for all your great letters! mom your letter was way good! i like the way it was laid out! i hope your heath is all good and right! ill keep you in my prayers! tell the world i love them! and thanks for all the help! oh yeah! it was very sad to leave akbar….. its tuff… but hey what do ya do right?? its all in the lords hands!

well…. here i go!

Love elder lambert.

PS!!! idk if anyone really cares but this last week me and devy have been dating for a whole year now! lol idk if it really counts seeing i have been gone more than being with her but hey!! its pretty sick right?? thanks so much for takin care of her! you guys are the best! i hope you have fun at the play! you have NO IDEA how pumped it makes me to hear you guys hang out lol! i love you all! I LOVE YOU DEVYN! keep it real. and talk you you soooo very soon!  its SO dag close to a year! :D <3

Ukraine Week #28 Last days in Saltovka

Written by clambert on July 5th, 2012

I got a transfer call! i will be serving down in the Donetsk area! i leave on Thursday! i CANT WAIT! i cant tell you how ready i am for this…
ohhh man… life.
i don’t even know what to think about it anymore. this mission. IS. CRAZY. when people give cute little examples at church and in primary about how we are like “the army of helaman” out just serving the lord with big smiles on our face, take the the ‘ARMY’ part of that to heart. you remember what those guys did???!!! haha.
I don’t wanna sound all dramatic but its war out here! i could go on for hours about random things that are going on but to put it short….
Nobody knows whats going on over here.   we have gone 1 whole transfer and had 3 lessons. that didn’t go anywhere. they turned more into fights than spiritual uplifting meetings. I am ready to try out a new branch and new EVERYTHING. i cant describe it to you. this place is crazy.
no news on akbar yet. same old stuff. he is doing good though. Today we had a huge zone soccer game so that was SICK!!! cuz as soon as i got here they made a NO SPORTS rule (meaning with the zone and other missionaries) so today was sooo fun!
this week is crazy i am leaving saltovka for good and starting over new!  and its very much needed.
I am pretty well convinced that this mission is just made to tare out every part of me that the lord does not see fit.
i was thinking about it and its weird… you can really see why i was sent here. i cant explain it but its like this place is a big wall the lord is training me to jump over.
I loved all your letters! you all are so lucky to be in the Gospel. no joke. really think about that. i LOVED what Landon was saying in his letter GET OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONES! “seeth fit to chasten his people; yea, he trieth their patience and their faith” (Mosiah 23:21). this is a scripture that president sent me and its been helping a ton! all of us have huge walls that the lord is just training us to jump over. it can be anything. i challenge you all to sit back and really take a deep look at your life…. where are you going right now? how can we be better? AM. I. HAPPY.  not just “i had a good day!” i mean are you REAAAALLLYYY happy.
if not, drop everything and get on your knees and then start praying on your feet and make some changes. they hurt. really really bad. but one of the best lessons i have learned so far is that THE PAINS OF STAYING THE SAME ARE MUCH GREATER THAN CHANGE. where are you going? set some goals and do whatever the lord wants.
my testimony is insane right now! I’m with Landon when he said something like “when i look back at my old testimony i just smile”
its crazy how much i have learned. and how much i have to learn.
Thursday will be a new start! i cant tell you how pumped i am to leave! well idk what else to say! its been one heck of a transfer ill tell ya that much! pray for some lessons! and help with russian please! having no russians to talk to does not help russian that much..
I love you all so much! talk to ya later!

Week #27 Ukraine Saltivka

Written by clambert on June 25th, 2012

From Julie:  I complied Chase’s pictures from Saltivka into a kind of music video based on his experiences there.  Hope you enjoy.  Link at the top.

Now…..from Chase!

Thanks for the bank info mommy! this week we had lots of time to think out on the streets and i was thinking about life and whatnots and we got talking about money and how we want to be when we get home and stuff and i got thinkin…. i need to start getting in the habbit of “being good” with money! so i went and bought a budget book and have been practising with elder taylor budgeting our MSF money lol! its not really needed here, but i thought it would teach me how to “be good” with money! so DAD! i would LOVE it if you sent a letter about saving money tips and how to budget and stuff like that? sorry if that is not understandable! i just know your like PRO with this kinda stuff and while im out here i want to try and develop some good habbits and tricks to be good with my money and kinda get a hold on whats going on!
this week was the same as the past 3!! CONTACTING!!!!! haha my legs are so ripped! but we did get 2 lessons this week! one was with a J-dub and i wont lie to you it got kinda heated and i lost my temper and kinda blew up in his face….. AND i couldnt even fully blow up due to dag russian in my way so it just made me even more mad that i could not tell him whats up… pretty much after we testified of the BOM he pulled out rev 22 and pretty much said “look…. this is all a lie…. it says so here! or did you guys delete this out of your bible to hide the fact?”  BEHADFHAEIF so yeah… i blew up pretty hard and ripped him a doctrine new one! lol. after my blow up he just shook my hand and left… i felt very bad lol but what i said was true haha.
then we had a lesson right after and he came drunk…. AND he was talking about devils and stuff so it was just a waste! he went up to all the pictures in the church and prayed to them and kissed them lol man it was great…
other then that we have been walking and tryin new ideas on the street!!!
the other day we set up the FRee box of BOMS and sang hims in the middle of the town…. HA! what a hoot! it was cool though as soon as we set up a girl came and took one who worked in the shop in front of us and read like the whole intro and 1st chp while we sang! so that was cool! but during this all a group of guys came buy and threw bottles at us and made a HUGE scene yelling “SATANIST!!!! SATANIST!!!! GET AWAY!!!!!”
haha life is sooo sooo good.
tell catlyn im sorry about her leg!!!!! that sucks! but its super cool at the same time lol! she will get lots of babes with a scar like that! OH YEAH!! you should send me their cookie recipe!!!! but keep in mind we cant get brown sugar here…..! i really miss the family! and it sounds like all is going so so well! THANKS a ton mamma leng for you email! it was so good to know your still alive! sounds like all is well! i love you guys sooooooo much! i am FOR SURE going to come and stop by portland and stay with ya sometime! i am sooo proud of drew! he is gonna love life!
Man time is flying by! we get transfer calls next week!!!!!! how werid is that right????????
I cant tell you how proud i am of the devbot! sound like you all had a cute little girl talk together! haha thats so cool! i love you guys your the best!
man i have been in saltovka for over half a year now lol man its time to leave…. OH! akbar is doing SOOOO good btw! we ment with him last night and man i cant even tell you how happy i was! he just had the spirit blowing out of his ears!! its SO insane to see the old depressed akbar to CRAZY AWEOMSE CHRISTIAN akbar! lol he called and told me that he had a dream and he saw his mom in heaven and she was rolling on the floor laughing cuz she was SO proud of him! ahhh! i balled! idk if you remember his last dream but his mom ran away from him cuz he was so drunk!
I bear testimony that god prepares people around his saints. that means YOU too! we may be walking for months with no lessons but seeing just one life change so much and really seeing how God blesses you and helps you along those first big steps of life is mind bowing. every time i get to here akbars nasty persian voice in the phone saying “Sargent lambert! i miss you! how was your day? are you safe??” i just ball! YES ukraine is SO hard and is really sucks most of the time to tell the truth, but just for that 45min lesson  every month or other month when i can testify of what i know in my heart is worth it all! . I have found so much love and joy on my misison i cant even express it lol idk…. i have been saying the phrase “mind blown” a lot in this email so i guess thats the best way i can put life right now

Love Elder Lambert

Week #26 Ukraine Saltivka (I can’t believe it’s been 9 months!)

Written by clambert on June 24th, 2012

goooood day!
so ill give you a run down of my week the best i can! i will try and
focus super hard so i can get in the deets! :D
so on tues we went down to donestk cuz pres razband came to talk to
us! The pres of the 70.  it was pretty good! the we left on the bus
tues morning at 3am so i was SHOT! and NO ac so i was killed over by
carsick meds. but the meeting was good! i got to see koewn!!! he is
doing so good! he is in the office and training right now so HE IS THE
MAN! so tuesday was just a huge day in donestk! the next day I SAW
PETERSEN! it was soooo sick! he has been here all week so i have seen
and talked with him a ton! he looks so great! it was way weird to see
him as just a friend not a missionary anymore! :K but it was great to
meet his family!
SO wedesday i get a call from akbar! and HE GOT A JOB!!!!!!!!!! idk if
i have giving you enough info about his life but this IS HUGE!!!!!!!!!
it’s ablessing straight from god no doubt in our minds. he is doing so
good! he passed the sacrament for the first time!! ahhhh!!! i was in
tears! and THEN!!!! on top of all this glory he got a calling to be
the 1st couns of the priesthood quorm!!!!!!! ahh! life could not be
better for that guy right now! its such a blessing.
thrus we had a nice talk with a drunk guy…. they are the most kind
people to talk to here so why not? he was SUPER funny! but of course
it has gone nowhere…. just thought i would tell you how fun it was.
friday we spent the whole day on the street………. HAHA! my feet
are meat! (TM
devyn)  we talked to some cool black guys around the markets so maybe
they will want to have some lessons! :D  we still have no
investigators! its been like 3 weeks of this craziness! but of course
life is great as always! me and elder taylor are having a hoot
toghether!! my bible study is blowing my mind to bits!
just you so so week here! the euro is NUTS!!!!!!!! we live right on
the fan zone! there is all this crazy stuff going on! but ukraine lost
on friday so everyone is super drunk and sad…. but they get one more
shot at it!
the center city is nuts! there were bands playing on the steet
everywhere and huge breakdancing pads! |(breakdancing is huge here)
and the krishnas were out and about singing and screaming! ahhh!!! i
am in the most wild place on the planet!
ill send some funny vids i got this week!
ahh… today i got my hair cut and we are going to go see some
temples!!!! i cant wait! they are full of icons and crazy stuff lol!!
and idk life just fell into my hands today! i know for a fact that
“sacrifice brings forth the blessings from heaven” i cant be more
happy! dev knows why! :D ah! i cant even put in in words! i love you
dev! i love you ALL so much! i think i have the best family and
friends in the world! it sounds like everyone is having a great time
on their mish! i suck so bad at writing them but.;… meh what do ya
do? lol ;D
hmmmmmm idk what else to say….. i LOVED the pics you senT! although
everyone thought i was checking out child porn when looking at rooroo
(which would not be that crazy of a thing to see on someones comp) so
that was great lol
let annie know that she is 500x better than me cuz i only made it to a
yellow stripE then i quit lol so thatssoooo coool! goo for her!
how is sis doing??!?!?!!!! i want a email sis! hook me up if you have the time!
man. i love life right now. everything is perfect. my testimony is
something that i cant even explain to you. missionary work is THE best
thing on the planet! and the gosple is the ONLY thing that will bring
ahhh! i love you all and hope you kickin life in the butt! GO OKC!
tell wiskers i love her and have a great week you guys!!

GAH!!!!!!!!!!! the vids wont work… i AM SOOO SAD! it was the best
part of this letter!
well…. we danced with the hardi krishnas!!! (idk how to spell it )
and there was this sick girl dancin to this russian music! lol SO
KOOL! sorry you missed out….. my bad…. lds mail is weird…

Week #25 Ukraine Saltivka

Written by clambert on June 24th, 2012

HELLO!! so update on my area! right now we have 1 investigator. he is
not going anywhere haha but maybe… idk.  me and elder taylor are
doing great! we have a blast toghether! i have been so blessed! i get
the best comps! i have had like 0 problems!  I LOVE IT! we have just
been working suuuuper hard and finding people on the streets! its so
insane! ughhh. we talked to lots of drunks this week. some of them
were VERY nice and we got like 2 # !!! but they don’t really count i
guess cuz when we call them back the next day they jst freak out at
us! lol… thats life.
we did some service this week for a member! we moved some old stuff
around and did wall paper! it was really fun!! but to tell the truth
we just did lots of walking on the streets! its going alright i
guess.. im suuuuuuuuper tired!!! i just want some people to
teach!!!!!!!!!!!! pray for us!
So the euro cup is on and in action!!! woooooo!!!! it’s ahooot~! its
in our area tright now so everyone is freaking out! logan and lando
would love it! and the people are being really kind to us now cuz they
this we are fans from england! its great!!!
but there is a HUGE fan center right by our branch and they show all
the games and people are just freaking out all over the place! you
know how football is… lol INSANE!!  so football is what its all
about right now! it’s aHUGE hit. we are going to play today! we play a
ton of soccer here i love it! we have 3 russians and 1 armanian in out
district so we get some crazy games going!!!! OH YEAH! i think i
forgot to tell youi but i am the new disctrict leader for saltovka! :D
its pretty fun! i have 3 greenie sisters under my wing and they have
no idea whats going on and i have a CRAZY russian who we all have to
watch over lol so its pretty crazy….
WE have this one investigator his name is sasha! he is 28 but he looks
like he is 18 its really weird…. BUT!!!!!!! he is like my twin!!!!!!
he has all these synths and FL and reason and all these midi keys its
soooooo sick!!!!!!!!!! he writes glitch pop and its SUPPPPPPERRRRR
good! we talk music all the time lol.
our branch had a big picnic this saturday out in the boonies!!!! it
was sooooooo sick! we played football and i had my first sala!!!!!
(SALTED FAT! ) yes i got my hands on some! this member had a box of it
and when she found out that i have never had it she pretty much threw
it down my throat! it was not that bad to tell you the truth…. its
just like getting a steak and chopping the big fat part off and eating
it! but its really soft and falls apart!
welll i don’t know whatelse to say! so much crazy goes on here i don’t
know where to start!
i hope you all having a sick time back home!!! im sorry im so bad at
writing people and letting you know whats going on! lol but just know
i love you! haha writing just sucks.
It sounds like devy is doing great!!! i hope she is loving her job cuz
its my dream!!!!
she said she went to the rez this week?! ahhhhh thatsthe best! i miss
fishing so much!! I LOVe you devy!
so…… last week i said i would write all my boys on missions….
but i didnt…. lol.
im sorry i just hate it… just hate it. i long for the day where i
can never write a letter again! :D lol ill wirte you all this week
though! i need tio send logan the pokemon card back!!!!! ugh!
so i am still reading the old tes!!! its blowing my
mind!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! my studies are going sooooooooooooo good! im
loving it! tomorrow we have a big meeting in donetsk so we have to
wake up at 2am!!!!!!!! its gonna be nuts! we all are taking a bus
down! it will be good to hang with everyone!!!
ahh! its so cray that nate is home!!! i miss you man!!! i feel like he
just left! its weird how fast that went by! and the puics that bri
took blew my mind!!!!!!!!!! SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO goood!!! i really
miss all my cousins!!!!!

ahh sick…. right now this way kicktrash chill wave song came on in
the internet club…….. mmmm…..yeha…….
lol! well i love you all!!! I LOVREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE all your
letters!!!!!!!!!!!!! my life is going sooooooosososososososoooo good
right now! everything is perfect!
I love you all!!!!!

Love ya devy!!!!

your bro…. elder lambert

Week #24 Ukraine Saltivka

Written by clambert on June 24th, 2012

well this week was pretty nuts! my new comp is elder Taylor! he is really cool! he is your classic highschool footballer! so we have sooooooo much in commen! lol
jkjk he is really cool i think we are going to have a great time together!
these past few weeks have been in the dumps! we have had 0 ivestigators for the last 3 weeks….. lots of contacting and memebr lessons… ughhh.
its going great here though! my studies have been SICK!!!!! ever since sister and elder lawrence came and talked with us i have THE BIGGEST crave to read scriptures! i am readin the OT and its just blowing my mind!!!!!
AKbar is doing great he is starting to become more like a member in the church so thats awesome!! he was very sad to see elder keown leave!
i was tooooooo!!! :(

i dont really know what to say this week lol! we have been working hard and i have made some DANG hard sacrifices and i have been seeing the blessings from heaven! Ukraine is pretty much home now. its so insane here! someday it would be cool if we did come here or you picked me up… idk… we will see!!!
but i love you guys! im sorry im not writting a lot today i just dont like writting home to tell the truth. I LOVE YOU! but it just makes me home sick for a hour.
Thanks so much for sending me logans and landons and coals e mails!!! it sounds like they are on fire!!! i AMMMMM going to FORREALLLLL write them TODAY. i always say i will but then i start reading the scrips then BAM! its already 6.  so sorry bros i have nopt been good at writtin!! DEVs box is on the way!!! should be there in a week or so!! snd she should keep her bangs long! I LOVE YOU DEV!
so i am in my 5th trans right now! its so crazy…. i hit my year mark in 7th. SOOOO sooon. i dont know what to think, i feel like i have been a missionary my whole life! i really dont know what i did before my mission.
well! i really dont know what to say! we got 100% nothing. 100%.   its super hard.
we got 2 contacts in the past 3 weeks! they are really good ones and i think one girl might turn into somehting!
well~!!! thats it fam!  its a good week and i LOVEEEE it here!  if there is one thing you learn from me on a mission its that you did not birth a writter. ;D

Love you!

Week #23 Ukraine Saltivka

Written by clambert on June 4th, 2012

HELLO! so akbar called me at like 1130 at night and said that you didnt get my last email?? weird… well here it is!! haha

Well this week was INSANE.
transfer day come by and i was just waiting by the phone all day! then when the ap’s called i knew it was my time to leave my greenie area once and for all!
i picked up the phone and he was like “hey is this lambert?” “yeah.” “can i talk to your companion….” WHHAAAYYYYTTT!”
ends up i am staying here for another in saltovka!! elder koewn is going down to donetsk :( we are VERY sad we are getting split up! we were talking last night and we both said that our companionship is how we alyways pictured our missions before coming out. we had a blast together! i will miss him so so much!
i dont know who my new comp is untill thursday!!! i have no idea! we all think its going to be someone older than me so it should be great!!! our whole district pretty much is leaving!! so a big change is going down this week!!!!
OHHHHHHHHHk okay okay….. i am sad about the pepper spray but what do ya do? just follow what pres said. but a stun gun? HAHA! thats so mom…
i love you!
dont worry about it all! all this crazy stuff was like 3 weeks ago now so no use dwelling on it! we are safe and the lord is with us. and if he is with us nothing can happen! as B young once said “they can only kick us up!”
Life is great of course! we have no investigators still…. almost got this one way cool indie kid who loves the knife and the xx and sigure ross but he was pretty against it all.
thanks SO much for sending the box! im sorry it cost so much!!! to tell the truth i had NO idea it could get up to 600??? thats insane. ill be more carefull! im sorry guys lol
i have learned on my mish how much i owe you 2!! im kinda a punk right?? lol but the BOMs you sent….. you SURE they are the new translation. and leather with gold?? cuz thats whats needed.
dad! i loved the pic you send of me in the sand! it made me laugh!!!! such good times!!!! :D
so i went on a split this week and it was pretty great! i learned a ton!!!! it was with our zone learder from Denmark! it was really really cool!
we have just been working super super hard trying to find the elect out here!! and tryin to soak up every last moment together!!!!
this transfer went by WAY fast!!! can you believe in 3 more ill be out 1 year???!!! what??!! crazy.
sO i got the box from gpa and gma!!! and from the church!!! thanks sooooo much eveyone it really made my day!!!
personal study has just been blowing my mind! the old test is SOOOO great! im loving it soosososoooo much! i cant tell you how much im learning ans how much my testimony is growing!
the spirit has been with us all week! everything has just been a blast! i LOVE going out on the streets of saltovka and just talking to everyone you see! its so nuts! like there are so many people who just “know us” like the people we see everyday! and its crazy! i have learned that you can make friends wherever you are in this world!
i THink elder peterson should be coming up soon? idk? if he is that will be SICK!!!!
i have been super busy really digging into my studies and finding people so DEV! im sorry but i didnt send a letter this week..  lol but i send a box! and it should be there within 2 or 2 1/2 weeks! so just hang tight till it comes! I LOVE YOu!!
Big dad!!! the word is out that the thunder are just killing it back home!! thats so sick!
I really feel at home this week. like i am really sinking into my mission. its a great feeling. when you work work workyou start to forget about everything that distracts you and you fins whats really down there! deep in your heart!! and find what makes you happy!  you guys all better be going to church!!! and alyssa you better stil be reading the BOM like you said!
I love you all!!!! lifes great! i bought a squid leg this week and cooked her right up! it was veryyyy salty…. but okay. ill send some pics/vids! it was great but elder koewn was ticked cuz it made the aprt stink like fish poo.

Well my friends….. the story of elder lambert and elder koewn had rolled out to its end…. we will see that will happen next i guess!!

PS: the weird mp3 thing im talking about came not to long ago… it looks like some kind of amp switch?? it like cleans the music or somehting?? i have no idea but it looks like its worht a lot so i wanted to know whyyou sent it??? maybe someone just put it in there lol idk!

Week #22 Ukraine Saltivka

Written by clambert on May 27th, 2012

Hello family!!!! skype was so awesome! i loved talking to all of you! you all looked so great!!!!! i still think skype is the most awkward thing in the world!!!!
this week was so so… so 2 days after skype me and elder koewn got jumped by some drunk guys in front of our home! :( they were way drunk and come up to us asking weird crazy drunk stuff about the BOM and we just started to walk past and 1 of them kicked me way hard as we were walking away and then he followed us to our door and he got in the middle of me and elder koewn and i got up to him and told him to get our of here and kinda pushed him away from us and he punched me in the chest then we ran inside and he punched elder koewn in the back! we got inside way fast and locked the door.
bleh. thats how my week was.

So after akbar missionary work as just got dowwnnnnnnnn. we have NO investigators! we have 2 but they are not going anywhere. so we spent the week out on the streets! we didnt really get much but maybe found a cool guy.
so idk if i told you this but we started up english group again :) its been going good! we had 1 person the first time then 3 then 6! so its getting bigger by the week!
we get transfer calls this friday! :( im fre4aking out!!! i dont wanna leave elder koewn! :….(
SO you asked if parents come pick up the missionaries here….. some do. but to tell you the truth save your money lol. ITs not a place to go walk around and see. haha but thats far off..
so happy birthday mom!!!! i hope you have the best day ever! i think its tomorrow but still know i lvoe you!!!!
thanks for sending all the boxes anbd stuff if you could put some PEPPER SPRAY in it i would be VERY glad. im freaked out.

I hope you all have a greatttttt week!!!! i love you sososososooooo much! please let devyn know that i am sending a box today or next monday so if she does not get any letters thats why! :) love you devy!

This week elder lawrence of the 70 come with his wife to talk to us… HOLY COW.
he wanted us to have a interview with him and whle we waited we got to sit with his wife and ask ANY questions we want… it was like sitting with the prophet and asking anything you could dream of….. i learned more in that hour than i ever have in m,y life!!!
remind me and ill tell you more about it next week! i am out of time but i love you all to death!! please send jer your love! he goes to lake powell today!!!!! i lvoe you and PLEASE EEEEEEMAIL LANDONS AND LOGANS LETTERS. dearelder is crap.

Joe i got you book and poster!! AHHHHH that is the best thing ever! my bible study just went up 50 hp points!!!!!  :D


NOT kidding about sending me pepper spray! please send some if its possible i hear its not…’ but whatev just bake it iontpo a cake or something!!! make sure its a spray that can take someone DOWN to the floor. i dont care if its kinda big. just as long as it fits in my pocket.

Week #21 Ukraine Saltivka

Written by clambert on May 27th, 2012

Akbar is 35 years old and was born in Iran. He was born into a great muslim family and spent his whole life in Iran. his dad was not very into the “god” stuff and was not very good example for akbar in his childhood but his mother was VERY muslim and she raised her son to be the same! akbar grew VERY close to his mother and they had a great love for god. after years of hard core muslim practise akbar wanted a change in his life! he was sick of all the crazy terrorists that were killing so many of his people. he does not think the whole muslim world is evil he just simply had enough of what he called “home” when  9/11 took place.  4 years ago he chose to come to ukraine to study russian!! he had no idea why ukraine but he just knew he wanted to get away from the muslims and he wanted to be free. he got here 4 years ago and has just been chilling here at school. he does not work right now but he is trying to find some work here in UA. his awesome  mother died 1 year ago and it was a VERY hard thing for him and he did a tail spin into the depths of ukraine…. drinking. he told us one time “i dont know why i came to study russian in UA i just felt there was something pulling me here and now my life is hell”
about 1 month ago the death of his mother got to him and he was hitting the booz HARD! he got wasted out of his mind and could not move at all! so he just sat on his desk in his bedroom.
he felt like the room was spinning and he felt like he was going to die from all the vodka! he went into his bed to sleep and he had a very touching dream he told us about while almost in tears..
“i was in my dream and i saw my mom! i was so happy i could see her when i was feeling so sick and i wanted to give her a hug but when she saw me she ran away to sit by god. she looked like she hated me. she said i was dead to her because i have been drinking! they both looked at me with sad eyes and walked away”
he woke up and he started to cry the rest of the night. he didnt know what to do other than pray to god and ask for help! he paryed many many times and then he does not know why but he chose to pray to christ this time and ask for help! he asked for some angles to save him from his life. he said he wanted to kill himslef  that night and that he was done with his  sad life life.
1 week later he saw the missionaries standing on the street handing out book of mormons! he RIGHT AWAY come over to talk to us!
me and elder koewn thought  it sounded like he just wanted to learn about america and english so we did not call him for about a week and 1/2 thinking he was not worth our time…
we called and met with him 2 weeks after to see if he wanted to practise english and when we met with him our worlds were rocked…
he is the most prepared person for the restored gospel on the planet. he opened his whole heart to us and he will be baptized by what he calls “his 2 angels” THIS saturday may 12th.
Akbar is our best friend! we talk with him everyday! he has come such a long way and he is doing so great! i cant WAIT for the baptism this saturday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
not to make this sound like a big deal but the stats of ukraine are 1 missionary for his whole mission will baptize .7 people. so a little more than half a person…  let alone a muslim!!!!!
ahh im sososo happy for him! i will tell you how it all goes over skype on monday!!!! and send pictures and off of course!
holyyyyyyy cow the thunder storms here are NUTS!!!!!!!!!!! last night the loudest thunder/lightning i have ever heard went down!!!! EVERY car alarm wnet of and the whole city woke up!!! soo crazy! no joke i thought we were being bombed!!!! for real!
ps i forgot my camara today so sorry no pics or vids!

SKYPE: so it will be the same thing as last time! we are going to start at 9am so i think it will be like 12 sunday night for you yeah?? same thing as last time!
if you want to connect joe go for it but i dont want to waste time at the start getting everything all set up and what not ya know? soo if you know whats going down before hand go for it! i would LOVEEEEEEE to have him join in! and yes diaper rash dev CAN COME again if she would like!!
SO for you! be ready sunday night at like 12! i will call at 9am. CANT WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we will have 1 baptism by then!!! :D go akbar!!
i might wanna do the same thing as lasdt time… like talk to everyone then 1 on1  ya know? but idk yet! so get ready!!!

i washed my socks and garments togetther and now my g’s are all blue…. i need some new ones STAT!!!!!!!
- “AX MESS UP” hair stuff its in the little black jars
- we have a new music rule and we only can listen to motab or russian classical! SO if you have the time and could burn some RUSSIAN CLASSICAL not traditional. i have no idea what that means just like composers like bock and stuff !

thanks for all you do for me!!! i know im a pain :/ think of some stuff you all want to talk about over skyp yeah?? i cant wait to see you all!!! have a awesome week and kick some butt! please send the following to the boys on missions! BTW WHY DONT YOU SEND THEIR EMAILS TO ME ANYMORE???? I GOTTA HEAR HOW THEY ARE DOING??? :D

Week #20 Ukraine Saltivka

Written by clambert on May 27th, 2012
well….well…..well………. here is a tittle nid bit of joy  for ya!!
so last sunday we met with a muslem we met on the street while handing out old BOMS. his name is Ahbar and he sounded like he just wanted english….
we met with him last sunday and just got to know him and about his life. he was muslim for 8 years then after all the crazy stuff that went down ( he is from Iran) he said he wants nothing to do with it. Yes he still respects the muslems but he said there was always something pulling him to christ in his life. his mom just dad last year and he has been in UA for 4 years now. his first language is persian. he is 35. no kids or girlfriend live all alone.
he is just studing here so he has lots of time to meet with us! on the 2nd lesson with him we tought him about the life and purpose of jesus christ (had to switch the lesson orders around o lot for a muslem) and i cant tell you how strong the spirit and how humbled i was. to sum up i 2 hour lesson on christ he said he never really knew why he came to UA. there is nothing here for him he just felt like he was being pulled here by something and he knows that the church is why god sent him here. we testified that this is what he has been looking for and that its what god wants for him at this time of his life and put him on date for 19 may!!
. the next big task was the BOM….. he is good at russian but cant read and knows english good but still cant read….. hmmm how about this…
okay so the chances of this happening are just as crazy as it sounds… in OUR branch we found a persian BOM on the top shelf of books. :0
so. ahbar has been led here to the church and some how along the way the lord has placed a RANDO:M!!!!!!!!!!! persian BOM in  OURRRR exact branch just for him. he just finished 1 nephi and loves every second of it. yesterday was his first day of church and we put a lot of effort into getting the members ready for him!
the members did SOOOOOOO great! everyone just love him and like 5 times he said to me “lambert i feel like this is a big family!”
and another thing that god has put in our path is there is a baptism this sat that he can go watch!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D he has no school this week so we are set up to meet with him everyday this week. i gained a hard testimony that the elect ARE there and god WILL lead them to us as long as we are doing whats right.
we took him to institute on sat and he loved it all!!!! we went and got some drinks after and sat in the park just talking about life! ahhhhh!! life is so good my friends!
he is praying every night in the name of christ!!  he LOVES america lol the first thing he said to us on the street when we met him was “HEY!! dont worry i dont want to kill you i love america!!! dey are the best! terrorists are just the crazy people lol!!!” it was great ! lol he was WAY pumped that you can write all over and mark scrips in the BOM cuz you cant do that in the koran ( like you said ) so that was funny!
ahhh life is just great! i cant believe that april is gone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it was yesterday when me and elder keown said man march went by so fast…. haha
sounds like like is pretty crazy back home! mom i hope your health stays good and im SOOOOOO glad my box made it home lol!! dad just hang in there wuith pops!! always remember he is a child of god and this is just a test of the great faith you have!!!
alyssa hang in there with your main man gone! know he is a hero in my eyes and the boys and you will be blessed forever cuz of the love you have for god!
so other than ahbar nothing is really going on! WE GET TO SKYPE HOME 2 P DAYS FROM NOW! so i think it will be like 11pm at night ON MOTHERS DAY for you! ill give more deets as it grows sooner! im reading the old test and its nuts…. nuff said,
This weeek we did LOTSSSSSSSSSS of service!!! on tues we went and worked in the fields that i took pics of just diggin and tilling the dirt all day! wheww it was tuff! but soooo beautiful! our luch was juts picking food out of the earth and sittin under a tree…. so great!!
me and elder keown just about got mugged/ in a fight on the way here! we were at a atm getting money to pay for enet and a guy came up while elder keown was putting his card in and kinda reached in saying “hey your servents of christ can i have some money????” i iron gripped his arm and pushed him aside and he got up in my face saying ” why did you touch me???? who are you huh????” i just shook my head and said ” go away.” lol thats it haha and me and elder keown walked away and he just stood there like a punk! lol we have had lots of trouble this week! we ran into a group of guys in the night on the way back from service and they wanted to fight as but we had sisters with us so we got away lol! and on another day these guys called us over and talked to us for a vbit then sai ” well im from ukraine… your not… *curse you * your free!” lol it was such a joke. im so sick of all the punks here!! alllllllllllllll the time you walk down the street and the “cool guy with darkshades”  flips his glasses down and just gives you a glare…… then me and elder keown give them a wave like 2 nerds lol! its so much fun!!!
ahhhhhh wellll im SOOOOOOO glad devy is getting all my letters so fast i know when the post office here sends stuff out so i know JUSt the right time to slip it in lol! life is great here! time like always is going siososososososososososososooooo fast! i love elder keown to DEATH! we pretty much pee our pants everynight just talking! its so gr4eat!
this will prolly be my last tr4asfer in saltovka so by the end of may i will prolly be in a new world!!! aggg so nuts! i dont want to leave3!
OH YEAH!!! so the box you sent with devs letter and all the pics !!!!!! ahhhh thanks soososososososososo much1!!!! its the best thing i have ever seen!!! your the bomb!!!!! BUTTTTTT what in the WORLD is this little music thingy?? what the heck do i do with it?? lol i have tried everything! so… please let me know on that one.
on friday we had a bbq/ service!! ahhhhh soooo great! it was just like summer nights back home with the gang! we worked in the field all day then sat around the fire and talked about our investigators!! lol so much fun! ukraine is SOOOOO beautiful right now its bl;owing my mind!!! and it sSOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
hot. lol i love it! im VERY burnt haha but you know if i put on sunscreen ill die! or should i say CANCERscreen!!!
so get this little nibby bit! i had SUPER bad allergies when spring hit…. oh crap…….
and a sister told me that if you eat the honey from where you are living that they will go away…. and so i bought some hunny and BAM!@!!!!! nothing.. not one thing! soo… try and find some utah made huney and you will feel great!! i also found a current bush and made some home made tea! it was very great! lol well… thats all! i love you!!!!! mom, dad, joe,alyssa,collin, ru, jax, dev. jer, wes, tanner, droubays!
oh ps….. before i left on the mish you (mom) emailed a elder smith to ask about the mission!! lol he told me this the other day! me and him are pals! how weird is that???